[BOOT ANIMATION] Motorola Series [Project 9 ¾]


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Jan 28, 2020

I have made some Boot Animations for Motorola phones and would like to share them with the community.
They also come with their own set of Boot Logos, so you don't need to flash any Boot Logo separately in case you are using the Boot Logos I made.

Features :
  1. Full screen animations
  2. Boot Logo + Boot Animation Pack
  3. N/A hidden in Boot Logo
  4. Redesigned bootloader menu
  5. Some other minor changes in boot logo images

These Boot Animations can also be flashed to other Motorola Devices with 1080X1920 screen resolution like:

Other Motorola phone users may use the version of the boot animation with motorola written on the image instead of moto g5 plus.

Use VX.0_BA+BL_9-3_by_4 Zip for Moto G5 Plus.
Use VX.1_BA+BL_9-3_by_4 Zip for other Motorola devices.

The file names with DT at the end stand for Boot Logos suited for Dark Theme.

All Boot Animations have been posted on SOURCEFORGE and more would be added in the coming future. The designs have been separated into two folders and further organized inside each folder by version numbers starting with V1. All the zips are functionally the same and you can flash whichever version you like. The only difference is in the text shown on the Boot Logo image. Head down for viewing previews and downloading the boot logos.

  • This pack will only work for custom ROMs
  • This pack will not work on Stock Motorola ROMs
  • All the packs contain both Boot Animation and Boot Logo that goes along with the animation
  • If your ROM has Display Theme based Boot Animation, the corresponding Boot Animation will be automatically played
  • Flashing another ROM or updating your ROM may remove this Boot Animation. Flash the pack again to get your desired Boot Animation
  • Existing Boot Animation in your current ROM will be backed up before installing new Boot Animation
  • If you wish to restore your Boot Animation that came with your current ROM, you can flash Restore Previous Boot Animation.zip given in Boot Animation folder

How to Install (via Custom Recovery)
  1. Download the desired ZIP file to your phone
  2. Boot to your Custom Recovery
  3. Go to Install
  4. Go to the location where you have saved the ZIP file
  5. Install the ZIP file and reboot

Boot Animation Previews

Boot Animation Downloads

If you are unable to download from SOURCEFORGE on your phone, request desktop site from your browser menu to enable download.

Disclaimer: Motorola Logo and Batwing Logo is owned by Motorola Inc. Some of the artworks are not entirely my own creation.
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