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General Boot.img Already patched Root version RKDEUXM > update 12.5.11

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Nov 25, 2016
this is my first time installing magisk w/o TWRP, do you have any simple steps?
You can do it with fastboot or Xiaomi ADB/Fastboot Tools. Personally I prefer second one.

1. Install Java to your computer
2. Run that tool
3. Plug the phone to the computer via USB-cable
4. Turn phone off and go to fastboot
5. Now at ABD/Fastboot tools, change the tab to Fastboot.
6. Press Select image and find where you saved my pre-patched boot.img
7. Change partition to /boot
8. Press Boot to image and test that it boot correctly.
9. Turn off phone and go to fastboot mode again
10. Now press Flash image and you should have fully working magisk. You need to install Magisk Manager, you can do it straight from apps drawer, there should be icon for that.
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May 15, 2008
Procedure for fast update to FW with magisk:
- Allow MIUI to download the last update
- Allow installation
- Don't allow to reboot just after the update
- Open magisk
- select install Magisk (the first one)
- select the third option
- Select go (maybe wrong translation from french)
- Wait until this image appear (the first line may indicate _b instead of _a)
- Select reboot

All done, the phone is updated with magisk still there.
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