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[Bootanimation] ANDROID 6.0 - QMG BootAnimation LiBRaRy KoLLecTioN (9/15/2015)

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Who in the ever living F*CK created this animation that has an EXECUTABLE INSTALLER inside a ZIP file, renamed as an ISO file... that INSTALLS GODDAM MALWARE ON YOUR COMPUTER!!!??? Against all better judgement, but going on how most people on this forum seem to know what they're doing, I launched that executable file. It says it is a self-contained ZIP extractor, and suggests I select "TYPICAL INSTALL." The only GOOD thing I had going for me (so I thought) was to select "CUSTOM INSTALLATION", where I see about two dozen other programs that will be installed on my computer if I accept. So I went down the list, unchecking each piece of crapware, and hit NEXT. It then told me there was another program it would install, and there was no opt-out button. So I hit CANCEL, and exited the installation process.

At which time my browser went F*CKING NUTS with redirects, while DOS command windows opened and closed too fast to see what was going on. Then I spent the next FIVE HOURS surfing the internet and trying different things to remove a SNAP.DO virus that sunk its teeth into all of my browsers and hid itself from the Windows Installed Programs list.

Please, user KachowPow (.... or MODS?), if you are still around.... PLEASE REMOVE THE LINKS TO THE MATRIX ANIMATIONS on page 1 of this thread. The links to the file download sites are "http ://d-h. st/saO", "http ://d-h .st/8da", and "http ://d-h .st/8kp" (I added spaces to the links so no one would inadvertently follow them). I should have known by how sketchy the links were that it wouldn't go well. I sure hope no one else tries them.

Thank you so much for this. Even trying to download the file is sketchy as it won't even start downloading.


Nov 4, 2021
If ANYONE has ANY QMG Bootanimations that are playable on the Samsung Galaxy S5 please feel free to Post them.

If anyone has a favorite Boot Ani that is not posted or a part of this collection please post either the gif, a youtube clip, a zip file of the bootanimation or anything that is relevant to the Boot Animation and I'll certainly do everything that can to Convert it for you. And if I can't do it I'm sure someone can.
Bro please give me the link for Marvel Bootanimation QMG file ☺️


Dec 14, 2013
could anyone upload the matrix animation? of course i mean the real one, not the fake one that turned out to be malware..
or did that animation not even exist before?
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