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Bootloader and Baseband ( BL and CP ) from Samsung firmware for SM-N9005

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Senior Member
Apr 16, 2012
I have found a new firmware for Sweden Note 3 SM-N9005 date 2019-03-03, this;
sammobile ../samsung/galaxy-note-3/firmware/SM-N9005/HTS/download/N9005XXSGBRI2/258963/

If I download that, how can I flash only bootloader BL, and modem CP from a firmware ?
(Don't like running that firmware, because I've tried sammobile firmware before, and that completely unroot my device)

I've read; Can i flash a BL from a firmware, a CP from another one and vice versa? Yes, you can without any risk.
You can extract the bootloader and modem out of firmware and flash them separately through ODIN. I already provided links for such posts here before:

Also, read posts with same topic discussion starting from this question:

You will get much insight of how to extract files, how to pack them and how to flash them.
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Apr 2, 2014
Thank you
Firmware 2019-03-03; Build date Fri, 07 Sep 2018 09:52:40
Extract firmware.tar.md5, 12 files.

BL = (Bootloader)
CP = (Modem / Radio)
For CP; combine modem.bin + NON-HLOS.bin.
For BL; combine aboot.mbn, rpm.mbn, sbl1.mbn, sdi.mbn and tz.mbn.

Autotar are Linux program, I don't have Linux.
Also Root Explorer create and extract tar files.
Combine = "add to archive".
For Windows; WinZip, 7-zip, 8-zip .., handles .tar archives.
(unfamiliar with 8-zip, I create modem.tar file "empty" open that empty modem.tar and add files, same with bootloader.tar)
Odin flash; modem.tar bootloader.tar's successfully !

Nice; NFC, Bluetooth, GPS, compass, LTE works.
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Qistina Ardy

Oct 20, 2020
Help i've just flash AOKP pie rom a lineageOS base custom rom on my sm n9005 , now i got no signal but the imea is not lost,im so panic , what should it do ??

p/s sorry for my bad english


Senior Member
Sep 2, 2013
If my device had a sim-lock and I upload a new CP (baseband), will it have to be unlocked again? Also, if I upload a new bootloader, will it have to be unlocked again?


Senior Member
Sep 2, 2013
Thanks, JJEgan.

I have N9005XXUPQB1 CP, which seems to work with LineageOS. But there are a few problems: The satellite lock works very bad or slow, it doesn't seem to lock on Glonass at all (though the gps seems to receive the signals), only GPS. Also, mobile radio seems to be a bit weak or unreliable, especially regarding 3g/4g. I am not sure, could this also be the fault of LineageOS and should I update to a newer version, or is this a problem with the CP. If it is the latter, what are other CPs that would work with newer LineageOS versions?

Hassan 4

Senior Member
Apr 6, 2013
Since all links in the topic are dead. I downloaded EGY (Egypt) and NEE (Nordic Countries) firmwares, extracted the bootloader (BL_RL1) and baseband (CP_QB1) from them, respectively. The baseband itself solved a very weird bug for me which was sound quality issues like crackling on lineage or AOSP roms in general. I've decided to share them with you in the attachments as they are the most stable ones with custom roms. They are odin flashable tar files, download and add them to BL and CP, then press start, and wait for odin to show "PASS!" in green color.


  • BL_N9005_EGY_RL1.tar
    1.7 MB · Views: 104
  • CP_N9005_NEE_QB1.tar
    59.3 MB · Views: 118
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Senior Member
Nov 30, 2011
just flashed my n9005 to this rom from android 9.0 and so far so good

haven install magisk yet but wondering if there a need for this.

btw will there be any chance volte will work on this phone?

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    BL and CP from the latest samsung firmware, for those of you who wanna try here they are! Here, SM-N9005, everything work fine, but if something goes wrong I take no responsibility. You take the risk, if you decide to use the files below! However, all the stuff, that you can find here, have been tested on my phone before to be posted

    Turn off your phone, pull out battery, insert battery and by pressing and holding, vol-/power/home, go in download mode open Odin and connect to pc. Put BL in BL, CP in CP and press start Done. More detailed instructions for beginners, at the end of this post. And even if you're not a beginner, trust me.... take two minutes to read it ;)

    Download Odin 3.11.1

    Download Phone INFO

    Samsung Firmwares

    Samsung firmware EGY build 04-12-2018 Country Egypt (RL1) SM-N9005 ( NEW! ADDED ON 18 / 03 / 19 ) Read HERE


    Questions & Answers
    Below you can find some information that you should read carefully; or, however, before to post useless and repetitive questions.

    Useful info thanks to @Eleo: Bootloader (a.k.a. BL) and baseband (a.k.a. modem, CP) can be flashed without changing your system (ROM, kernel, root type and etc.). They also can be flashed over and over no matter the sequence (i.e. you can flash old ones over new ones too). Bootloader contains files that run before startup (i.e. while bootanimation) with info about how to startup and find kernel. Baseband on the other hand, contains modem files for mobile data, wifi, gps, bluetooth and etc. Flashing bootloader and baseband doesnt change your csc, PIT, recovery, system.img or kernel.
    Thanks to @svbarbosa: My bootloader and modem are updated? HERE is how to check your BL and CP build date by reading the samsung firmware code. Once you get the build date, you can compare it with all the others ( build date ) already posted and determine if you need an update or not.
    Which BL and CP should I choose for my country? Read HERE and HERE
    Can i flash a BL from a firmware, a CP from another one and vice versa? Yes, you can without any risk
    Have installed the latest BL and CP does not necessarily mean that now you have found the best for your phone. You have to try and test them until you will find the ones that work better in YOUR device. Finding the right ones means to have, for example, a better signal and a lot of other things with the consequent increase of your battery life

    Be sure that your phone's drivers are installed on your pc otherwise Odin will not recognize your device!
    To check your BL and CP use Phone INFO ( from Play Store ) as shown in first picture below! Second, third and fourth image show the process in sequence.

    The thread is reopened, for the moment none of the old links is working. It will be my pleasure to update the same when Samsung releases something new! I want to remind you that if you do not leave your appreciation for the work I share with you through a "thank you", I will close the thread again immediately! I REALLY HOPE, this time, that I was clear!
    P.s. As soon as I find some time, I put the modem and the bootloder you see in my signature online. I put them back online because they are the latest ones available from samsung
    Now, you all take from this thread and only few of you are able to say thank you! Now unfortunately I am tired, find what you need alone! Here the game is over
    I currently have DarkLord Reborn v3 about to go to v4 of this rom. If there is a better edge rom that people can suggesst even better but this one seems pretty ok.
    You can use this tool and flash 2 3 or even 5 ROMs to your phone and switch between them with only one restart. That way you can see which you like more or less.

    Saying one ROM/kernel/app/mod is better than other is not good since all the ROMs were built by devs for you for free. You are free to choose but not judge which is better or worse. You cab try and decode for yourself.

    I hope I am clear
    I have tried getting the right BL and CP for my Note 3 but I am never really sure if I get the right ones as I dont quite know what im looking for in the name to be assured I have the right one.

    Sam Mobile seems to have a couple of variations for my phone and I havent got a scooby doo which one is really for my phone.

    My Phone is SM-N9005
    Im in the UK
    And I use the BTU thing ? :)

    Can anyone point me to the exact ones I should have please :)

    Thank you,
    You can use the BL and CP on OP since they are for N9005. You can flash them on top of each other, even old one on top of new one. Just follow the steps on OP. That way you can test and see whether they are good for you. Mostly, for bootloader, the rule is newer the better. But that is not case for baseband (CP) since it also affects your gps status. Just flash them and see which is good for you
    The latest BL and CP are in OP but, as already explained above, the baseband is an old version. Personally now i am using BL SGBRI1 ( Netherlands) and CP UGPQB1 ( Nordic Countries ) because they are respectively the most recent