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Dec 22, 2010
It is an open site for EMMA where the change logs are kept and doesn't require a login. So screw them...

But it is quite funny for what platform they've added the tamper detection? Not for S1 then? And did they already sniff around Z's alpha patched kernel version for stock 2.1? Then we have spies around here... :D

Tampered detection historically meant altered CID certificate... ie Brown or Blue one...
I think only Mr. Laser could give us a precise explanation what is going on.

Despite the news from SE Dev site, that they will grant an open Boot loader for new phones, what the heck is this!? - root detection... ? The warranty thing is getting quite messed up. One end in SE's department doesn't know/hear what the other one does...

The second thing, that is concerning me most of all - Warranty service. Imagine if some buttons stop working? Blank LCD? And service center detects this evil rooted, kernel patched and so on unit... oh gosh and dear EMMA detects it... ? Bye, Bye warranty?, pay us money? Funny eh?
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Jun 10, 2010
Where can we get splboot sources? It was posted long time ago in this thread but Hotfile removed it...


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Sep 28, 2008
Here's the kernel image with possible in-call volume fix. Howto:

- install the alpha kernel package
- copy this boot.img into /system/kernel

Please let me know whether the call volume is fixed for you (in the "comments/feedback" threads.)

This is for testers/developers only!

--- q6audio.c~  2011-04-05 08:29:25.653333350 +0200
+++ q6audio.c   2011-04-05 08:29:25.696666684 +0200
@@ -54,7 +54,9 @@
 static struct q6_hw_info q6_audio_hw[Q6_HW_COUNT] = {
        [Q6_HW_HANDSET] = {
                .min_gain = -900,
-               .max_gain = 600,
+               //.max_gain = 600,
+               // zdzihu: let's get loud!
+               .max_gain = 1199,
        [Q6_HW_HEADSET] = {
                .min_gain = -1900,

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    Bootloader is broken/bypassed!
    Big bad huge font to avoid confusion =)


    Buddy, I know you're still reading this forums so... I just want you to know that you are absolutely BRILLIANT. You're a STAR.

    BIG thanks for all your contributions into this project! Nothing, and I mean NOTHING would happen without you.



    @SE: lads, it's your turn now - please unlock it already. I promise we won't brick our phones :)

    @all: DON'T ask for details. I will post here when I'm ready to do so. Today (I guess?) is the Arc release date and stuff, I don't want to mess around...

    Still busy working abroad,

    Ok, here we go. It wasn't the April Fool thingy :)

    The bootloader has been bypassed using the kexec/miniloader method

    We are able to boot custom kernels now!

    I'll keep it short as I'm quite busy today... I haven't had much luck with disabling MPU nor resetting a MCPU - it failed no matter what I did. Same thing with porting shutdown procedures into miniloader. But when I found out that the custom kernel doesn't reboot on baseband 52, I switched to the .504 sources and restarted the work. Using the debugfs tips by Goroh, I realised some stuff I'd rather to keep in between the developers here... And then *poof* - the green USB led appeared and I knew I was getting there!

    Anyway... this is the first release of the fully working custom kernel (flashable via xRecovery). I haven't had much time to work on it so it's kind of proof-of-concept. Tested for 48h without any problem (not even a reboot).


    This is the alpha version of custom 2.6.29 kernel based on the SE sources. I do not plan to work on this release anymore - it is just for testing purpose. From today on I'll start to port SE stuff to the latest (GBread) kernel.


    - removed 32 fps cap
    - implemented netfilter (Droid wall, native USB/wifi tethering etc.)
    - undervolted to 0.950mV to save battery
    - don't remember what else I did, I bet something nasty :)
    - super ugly boot logo!


    - baseband .52 + the relevant kernel
    - clean 2.1 ROM, compatibile with .52 baseband (e.g. .504)
    - working xRecovery

    Please note I am not responsible for any damage this software may cause to your device! Use it at your own risk!

    There is absolutely no support for this alpha release!

    Big thanks to (no particular order): Goroh_kun, Jerpelea, Bin4ry, Maxrfon, Biktor_gj and everybody else who contributed into X10 custom kernel development.

    At first the relevant kernel patches/sources will be delivered to the recognised X10 developers. Later on everything will be released as it's obviously Open Sourced.

    Please refrain from posting comments in this thread - it's for developers only. Spamming will only make our task harder to accomplish!

    Great job!

    Hi, long time no see.
    It's goroh.

    > zdzihu.
    I'd like to say, Your strong effort and indefatigableness achieve this brilliant work!

    I have parted with my X10a, but I'm looking forward to see development goes on.
    cm7 boots with custom kernel
    Ok Thread Cleaned and j.Anderson banned