Bootloader unlock GALAXY A13 5G

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Mar 29, 2004

I'm really frustrated trying different methods online to show the hidden "OEM unlock" in developers menu, but without avail. Anyone can help to root this mobile?

Android Version: 11



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Nov 20, 2022
I have SM A136 US Tmobile 5g ending with CWC8 and dated kernel 03302023.

I believe this is ODIN replacement for linux and mac

Odin 3.14.1 for windows pc

I think there is a more recent even. But as of today. Odin from homer has no updates since 6 years ago. And Hemdall from bejamin was last updated april 2021

Tip: terms used. Searching google for linux what is ADB will get you further than What is android adb

First Magisk highly suggests to back up if you care to.
That is a good one

Second if you logged in your google account or set any security features. Aka lock screen. Turn them all OFF.
(Triggering Knox and hitting FLP in one swoop is bad...)

It is also suggested to not let the android system see the magisk.apk the good part is an APK is a ZIP just renamed and is not a problem.

Now if you try to open the zip file from (SAVE THIS ON YOUR PC you might need it, AND ONEDRIVE..SAME WITH YOUR BACKED UP PERSONAL FILES) the android system by default will hide the information because users do not have the access to be able to see them.

If you need to trouble shoot this. Rar might work. Also installing termux (NOT THE ONE IN GOOGLE PLAY. THAT IS A DECOY) and the android API.


pkg install root-repo

pkg install x11-repo

pkg up

pkg install tsu -y && hash -r


cd /Storage


(this puts you at /storage/emulated/0 where the user files are)

cd where the zip firmware file is
cd Downloads or cd Shared

ls or dir both show you what the options are and ls / one of the options listed shows whats in the next areas.

Locate the file and try to

chmod -c +rw then just copy paste the file name


chmod -c 7777 and the file name


chmod -c +rwxXst and file name.

You know it worked with -v or -c (verify or change both are the same) AND ls will show the name of the file in a different color

unzip and copy past the name

if all of that fails. 3c tool box shows the storage device path and you try the chmod on the path to the device..1 ls (dir) at a time

chmod -c +rw /storage
chmod -c -rw /storage/storage devices 8 digit code

Also etchdroid shows hidden paths to usbA to USBC flash drives (every time you plug one in the system changes the path)

Last option is after unzip command if you know the exact name of the file and you potentially would see it with ls or dir.

cd #

mkdir -p /storage/downloads/ the exact name of the file and it will say.. No it already exists we will not name it. now you will have access to see it.

When referring to flashing an image. A linux opperating system is made into an iso file and making an iso (aka disk image) is called rolling a linux iso image for boot or live boot.

Flashing is the process of using the information in the iso (our case zip) to extract the file, seperate the boot, system, vendor, user partitions. Then make their file system and journal (file system back up)

if you corrupt both of these. It bricks the phone.

If you trigger certain phones security features then you will boot to the swipe to unlock screen and all buttons and touch have been deactivated.

If you erase the cache of the phone when factory resetting. That is very bad.

Because magisk flashes the file partitons and system files hidden in the cache. Aka the journal. So when the system is reset and the data wiped. It first checks the journal back up and if it has one. It uses that to rebuild the main partition.

If it does not have one and you erased the main one. This creates a boot loop. Because the only three partitions left are a brand new empty recovery drive, empty user, empty system, no journal, and the super user partiton.

Samsung phones generally have a lock on the boot loader partition aka download for 7 days

Cheat and change the systems time and date manually. You might have to adjust auto update and phone data always on in developer mode. Not sure. for all i know you have to do it in airplane mode.

So after a weeks turn on developer and adb. Connect computer and pair your phone and computer.

Tell your phone in developer mode to

NOT auto update (grey)

Turn on ADB (blue)

Disable authorization time out (blue)

Verify apps over USB (grey)

Verify bitecode of debuggable aps (grey)


Mobile data always active (grey)

Default usb "TRANSFER FILES"
Reminder: flashing an image is a term for files and file systems not pictures

Tethering is a hotspot and not what your needing. MIDI is audio files and images are well.. pictures. Not the image we flash.. why? Because we are not actually flashing images. Lol sorry

Bottom of this page

Now we want to have our zip file we downloaded, no security features, no updates, no NARKS.. i mean no verify over usb. (You can have this on a micro SD, a usb A to usb C converter plugged into the charge port, or on your pc)

This is a good time to flash the files to the cache with magisk

Now do not reboot unless you have

1 RENAMED magisk.apk to and stored it on a storage device (that has been formatted by your phone) or

/adb start-server
(Demeon has started on ...)

/adb usb
(usb connected)

/adb devices
(Device lists your phone and only your phone)

used adb pull /storage/emulated/0/Downloads/ copy paste where you want the file to end on your PC.

2 RENAME the flashed output image made by magisk Boot.img (B is capitolized) and pull that or store on a storage device (that has been formated by your phone)

Things to know at this point. The systems partitions and journal log remember all devices last mount point. Aka things plugged in or partitions mounted with scripting in a terminal

A system partition is very mathmatic and there are endless possible combinations. They are made up of: msdos or gpt, sectors, cylinders, block size, innode size, journal systems, some with no journal, boot/EFI partition, /root partition, Home, User, Storage, Persistence, swap space. Tagged with one of many code options on the partition and the file system, logical, extended, primary, ext2,3, or 4, vfat, NTFS, protective MRB and Gpt or Just one of the two or multipe other options.

All of this is contained in the image aka zip file that you flashed aka wrote on the cache file system and have the copy magisk output for ODIN

/adb reboot bootloader
When you reboot holding bixby (what a dumb name) power button its either volume up and power or down and power lol. hold till the phone boots and wait one or two seconds.

Depending on the phone it has a boot loader (fastboot, Recovery, Dfastboot) or a downloader page AND a recovery partition for manually making the partitions.

Samsung is the downloader.
DO NOT ERASE THE CACHE. WE ERASE THE DATA FOR RESET AND we want to reboot into the downloader for ODIN.

You can accidentally push the wrong button or miss time it. Dont panic. Breathe.

As long as you turned off all the updates and dont set up the phone. If you even get to the swipe screen page. It is best to redo everything. Expecially plug in PC with USB and pair to phone.

paired ADB on a computer via USB oORRR WIFI debugging and approved the wifi permanent

when you start the flash your warranty is voided and your phone activated the Knox security making you wait the 2 weeks again for another try.
If you fail the flash with ODIN then you have a few outcome. Clicking the terminate flash will reboot to factory.
Try again later.

The wrong flash file and wrong partition file size and structure will require flashing the stock image we saved from before everything began.

All ODIN is doing is recovering the deleted partitions, it also at some point has to mount the super user partition or change the rwxXst permisssion to 7777. in linux as long as the Partiton type code and file system line up with EVERYTHING PERFECTLY. then you make a directory in the root to mount it and make a .conf file with


sudo mkdir -p /mnt/my_usb

sudo mount ${usb}3 /mnt/my_usb

echo "/ union" | sudo Tee /mnt/my_usb/persistence.conf

sudo umount ${usb}3

(Or /run/live/data.. where ever really. Persistence is what allows the system to remember what you do between it being on and off)

mounting at /mnt/anything has the +rw (read and write) permission in root. Since the system keeps track of the last mount point or plug in then when booting it reads the .conf file to determine its usage and placement durring the root boot.

an alternative would be

chmod 7777 /dev/and the devices code or location


sudo nano /etc/fstab

UUID: a string of ID numbers for the partiton /location/and/path/to/the/mount point .. some other stuff

UUID=2c22cb2-29a6-4a53-8c80-d5cd9e9fa45f /run/live/persistence ext4 default 0 0

any questions?
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Nov 20, 2022

Merry christmas. makes up for not rooting a phone.

And really you can do most everything with out root. Except break the system or cheat to steal. Even then. Other than xposed i got any app you want free unlocked and all

Want to run rooted kali linux live with root commands and no root?

Start here

Both those app stores have the keyboard you need and the other stuff. Hackers keyboard is my favorite
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Nov 20, 2022

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