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Feb 7, 2019
No problem. I am still having trouble with getting the fingerprint sensor to work. I've maxed out the registered fingerprints using my thumb, but it still rarely unlocks. Not sure how to remedy this

Asked for an official explanation from Motorola/Lenovo here but haven't heard back for a few days now, not getting me hopes up either way.


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Mar 27, 2021
No problem. I am still having trouble with getting the fingerprint sensor to work. I've maxed out the registered fingerprints using my thumb, but it still rarely unlocks. Not sure how to remedy this
I followed this steps and I solved the broken fingerprint issue after oem unlock and rooting (I hope this can solve also for you):

1. Take backup of /mnt/vendor/persist/goodix/
2. Delete goodix folder
3. Delete all saved fingerprints, if any
4. Reboot
5. Enter *#*#2486#*#* in dialer
6. Select CQA Menu Mode
7. Select Sensors -> After-Sales -> Fingerprint SPMT(Dual Rubber)
8. Start Test
9. Use White Paper under your thumb for FLESH FLAT
10. Cover entire screen with dark thick paper for BLACK FLAT
11. The test should pass. Go back to Sensors
12. Select G5GoodixSelfTest
13. Put your finger on sensor and you should get success
14. Select G5SPMT Test
15. Follow steps 9 and 10. For Last test, place your thumb directly on sensor. Test will fail.
16. Exit engineering mode and enroll fingerprints in maximum brightness
17. Enroll multiple entries for same finger
18. Keep locking and unlocking the phone and after few unlocks, sensor will work as new


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Mar 27, 2021
Are there any other issues after bootloader unlock? May be camera lose drm keys and get bad photos now?
I'm not experiencing any camera issue, using both GCam or stock cam.
I'm currently unable to download OTA update (after bootloader unlock and rooting with magisk) and I'm looking for some workaround, but still nothing.

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    Reactivate/Calibrate the Fingerprint reader after bootloaderunlock!

    Hello, after bootloader unlocking the fingerprint reader does not work. to get it working again you need to do the following things!

    1. go to the Dialer and type *#*#2486#*#* wich opens the CQA testapp
    2. allow all requests
    3. go to the first Menu (CQA-Test in Menu Mode)
    4. go to "Sensor"
    5. go to "G5SPMT Test"
    6. Start the test and when ist says: "Put the Flesh Flat" press start/next and put your Finger on the Sensor, then when ist says: "Put the Black Flat" put something non reflective over the sensor and tap next. int the Last step where it says: "Put the Flesh Chart FLat" I used my Fingernail on the Sensor! and even tho there was an error on the end, when you go to your Fingerprint/Security Settings you now can put in your Fingerprint as normal and it works again.

    I hope this will help you, if you have any questions, just ask.
    Hey Guy I just picked this device up straight from Verizon , it came today and I already checked off OEM UNLOCK. I wanted to even see if it depended on sim so...I am coming from an LG V60 and when I got the new phone I just simply activated with the sim it came with went straight to developer options to see if it was greyed out. It wasn't I checked it off and I went to the Motorola page and checked to see if my device could be unlocked which it could and I got my unique key and submitted it. It said I should be getting the email with the unlock key for Fastboot. However it doesn't look like there is factory images but I am willing to test stuff while I have a backup phone and also since I am in my return period.
    so I even called motorola yesterday and they had a hard time finding the code and he said he saw it was all "A"s . Im like that doesnt sound right.....I wasn't going to try it. Then this morning as soon as I woke up I looked for the emails from MOTO. Apparently they were not even going to spam they were going to trash I was getting them but the unlock code is indeed all "A"s wtf. I tried it anyway of course it failed...

    I told you that the combination of Verizon and Moto does not bode will for an official unlocking of the bootloader. Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.
    I purchased from Amazon Italy! Took a month to get here but great phone. Just got it today. However I don't know if the 5g works on t-mobile.

    Let alone 5G.
    If VoLTE doesn't work with T-Mobile, you will be out of luck
    US Edge is coming and it should work with T-Mobile 5G and VoLTE
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