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[BOOTLOGOS][N/A REMOVED] reCoded's Moto G4 Plus Boot Logo Pack

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    reCoded's Moto G4 Plus Boot Logo Pack​

    Hey Moto G4 Plus users! You may know the unlocked bootloader screen and it's quite annoying to see. Well, I created these boot logos and they hide the n/a text from the boot screen! Another thing is, these boot logos use the new "Powered by Android" logo at the bottom which all 2017 phones are starting to get.

    How to install

    Fastboot (.bin)

    • First, you need to boot into the bootloader. (Power off, hold power and volume down)

    • Plug the phone to your computer.

    • Put the boot logo file that you downloaded into your fastboot folder. (Example: BlackCircleMoto.bin)

    • Setup fastboot and type "fastboot devices" and make sure your phone shows up.

    • If your phone shows up then type "fastboot flash logo logo.bin" (Replace logo.bin with the boot logo file you downloaded. Example: BlackCircleMoto.bin)

    • If everything goes well, you can type "fastboot reboot"
    Flashable (.zip)

    • Just flash it in the recovery. It's that easy!


    Download the pack: http://bit.ly/rCMotoBootLogos
    You will find files with the same names as these located down below:


    They are in the same order as the attached pictures so you can figure out which ones are which.

    If you like my work, hit the thanks button!
    Changelog 9/16/2017

    *Add Nougat N boot logo.
    Changelog 9/17/17

    *Updated thread design
    *Added Oreo O boot logo
    In love with nougat N boot logo..can any one also make Andro O bootlogo similarly..that Will be great too!

    I was planning on making that. I'll try to make one tomorrow.
    These look great! But when I try flashing them,I get error 6. Any idea how to fix that?

    I'll look into that. For now, just flash them using fastboot.