Bootloop after flashing any kernel

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May 23, 2023
Good time of the day, I need help with resolving the issue mentioned in title. No matter which kernels I flash, bootloop consistently occurs. I flashed them using TWRP and cleared all caches as required, but to no avail. Neither on a clean system nor on a rooted one do they work


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ok I thought so, atleast flashing disable-dmverity makes the GSI boot to rom logo but nothing beyond that, it just refuses to boot anything but the latest Stock ROM, I think its time to throw away this device (SM-M215G) into the garbage bin. Man Shamshung ruined my device, now stuck on 1UI5.1!:rolleyes:

#Edit: You can try to contact a dev called Fredin, he might be able to help if there is any hope at all, you can find him on TGram & M21 Threads btw, all the best (y)
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