Bootloop Samsung Tab S6 Lite

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May 7, 2021
The reason for all this is because I had followed a guide to give root permissions with magisk, I did everything right, only that the guide was with Android10, while I had Android11 and I was deceived by the fact that in the title of the guide there was written "guide 2021"
, so I did not check the compatibility of operating systems, I was a fool, I know, I hope so much that I did nothing irretrievable, it's my son's tablet!
I have the problem with a Tab S6 Lite, it is in bootloop and does not let me enter the recovery mode, I can go into download mode and I flashed the latest original firmware Android11, Android10 etc., . I tried them all but always goes in bootloop, and also the bootloop occurs only if I connect the usb cable to the PC, without any sign of life. Do I still have hopes or have I compromised the motherboard?
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