Question Borked OP9 Pro

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Dec 20, 2014
St. Albans
OnePlus 9 Pro
I was on Open Beta 2 and saw a new update come in (via settings, not Oxygen Updater) so went through with it. Now the phone gets to the splash screen, then goes dark and nothing works. I can get into the Fastboot menu, but same results. Anyone got any hints?

Samuel Holland

Senior Member
Jun 26, 2013
lake charles
OnePlus 9 Pro
Usually a wipe will fix the problem if nothing else works. MSM tool for worst case scenario.
You could wipe in recovery, or run fastboot command.
I seen some mentioned a new update for Android 11 so that makes me wonder what is new, since I haven't seen anything yet on my device or oxygen updater. I know there is a rollback apk or something similar for downgrading but I haven't used it myself, I'm on 11 still on the unlocked pro version.
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