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bought used -- frp locked. how to unlock?

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New member
Oct 17, 2021
Samsung Galaxy S10e
I bought a second-hand galaxy S10e that was advertised as being stuck on a boot loop. I fixed the boot loop by flashing with a stock firmware, but was greeted with an frp lock that I triggered in the process. I contacted the seller about it, but he said he bought it second hand himself and has no way of contacting the original owner. I've tried a couple things and thought this through, and I decided to ask here whether I missed anything.

First, is it possible to read the google email associated with the frp lock from the device in order to contact the last logged in owner? that would make this a lot easier if I could ask them to unlock it for me.

I assume this isn't possible, since I couldn't find anything about it. what are my other options? while recovering from the boot loop, I flashed a very recent firmware, so all of the 'frp bypass' tricks I see advertised don't work. I also wasn't able to flash a combination file.

Does anyone have any experience with this, and any ideas I could still try? Bought the phone for my wife, and I'd hate to see her angry :|