[BOUNTY] Community help is needed for fixing the poor IO performance (lag) of the SGS

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Nov 11, 2009
Read this first:

This thread is for the community to set up a bounty for a real fix that fixes all the partitions to EXT or fix all the app lag!
This thread is started due to the thread that proofs the lag is coming from the RFS filesystem

The bounty is there so developers will be interested making a real fix for the phone poor IO performance

What does this mean for regular phone users:
- All the application lag will be gone
- All application will open instantly
- Even apps which use lots of cache data will start up fast

What developers need to do:
- Change the RFS filesystem on all partitions used by apps to EXT
- Or find another solution for the app lag
- Make the fix permanent
- Make it easy for regular/unexperienced users
- Make it work on all firmware versions

--> Partial fix bounty collection

You can either donate to RyanZA if you are using the oneclick lagfix or to Chainfire if you are using CFLagFix 1.80

Chainfire (CFLagFix 1.80) <-- Click here to donate to him
RyanZA (OneclickLagFix) <-- Click here to donate to him

--> Full fix bounty collection

Well since the full fix isn't ready... you can still support Supercurio! You can do this by donating on his paypal by clicking here!

So whats the goal of this thread?

You can name a small fee you want to pay a developers when they come up with a real/easy fix! (like $2 for a partial fix and $4 for a complete fix)
In this thread you can apply what you want to donate! (payment will only be necessary when a real fix has been made.)

Only reply if you are willing to make a donation for a real fix!

Donations: (username/ donation partial fix/ donation complete fix)

- Backfire $5/$10
- Kjeldmis -/$10
- Darkyy $5/$10
- borchgrevink -/$10
- Kanjtozzft $10/$15
- RADLOUNI -/$10
- achio1115 $5/$10
- Guiper -/$10
- voodoochild2008 -/$10
- MAJED.y $10/$15
- ostendk $5/$15
- Vinnie8018 -/$10
- appelflap $5/$10
- Croak -/$10
- rolphez $5/$10
- hcarrega -/$10
- bazzo2006 -/$5
- satta -/$15
- james6392 -/$20
- M4r1k -/$15
- fifo_thekid $10/$20
- ikenley -/$15
- MagicOnline -/$10
- vinodis -/$15
- sweet_sagar24 -/$10
- jjwa 5/10
- bricheun -/10
- hassan -/15
- stranger812 -/10
- fane1 -/10
- chritto 5/10
- green0153 5/15
- nesousx -/50
- m_adnan -/10
- DocRambone -/10
- RyanZA -/5
- jdrake001 -/10
- dalp -/15
- micheal0702 -/10
- rui.mamede -/15
- Vascariz -/10
- lokhor -/10
- Bandis710 -/10
- tomthetank -/10
- FromtonRouge -/10
- vygi -/10
- thomkat 20/40

Bounty total:
Partial fix: (will be collected in another way)
Complete fix: $595

Devs that are working on this problem:

- Supercurio (full fix)
- RyanZA
- Chainfire

Partial Fixes:
- OneclickLagFix
- CFLagFix 1.80

Full fix
- Voodoo fix (by supercurio) (if you wan't to donate to him donate on his paypal
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Nov 11, 2009
I will start!

I will be willing to donate $5 for a partial fix that involves a script that can be run on startup so all the data can be mounted to a EXT partition on the internal SD!

And i am willing to donate $10 for a fix that will change all partitions to EXT and makes it natively usable and easy to use for beginners!
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Nov 11, 2009
Please no offtopic! The /sdcard partition will still be fat! only all other partitions that apps use will be ext! use the discussion thread! this thread is only for bounty/donations!
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Jul 29, 2010
I am willing to donate 10$ for a complete fix for easy implementation by chefs, and users.


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Nov 17, 2009
I'm on the edge.

Although I just bought an iPhone 4 in France, i like my Galaxy S (openness of Android).

I'm about to sell my Galaxy S because it's very annoying to 'hack' & flash files & firmwares to get rid of the damn lag.

This is the last chance.

Here we go:

I'm willing to pay
- 5$ for a 'non-permanent' fix
- 10$ for a permanent fix

I read the thread Quadrant score 2234 with rooted stock FW I9000ZSJF7 [EDITED 09AUG 0039HKT] and i'm optimistic about the whole situation ;)

//EDIT: Sorry, i will donate more!
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Feb 16, 2008
Not sure if my vote counts atm, but I will donate when the problem is fixed =)
Would have been nice not beeing a poor student.


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Jun 25, 2009
count me in

will donate 10$ for a complete fix.

10$ are nothing compared to the hassle of continuously flashing ROMs hoping that the next ROM is the one that will solve the ****ty lag problem


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May 30, 2010
I'm in. :)

- 10$ : Partial fix
- 15$ : permanent(full) fix
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Dec 5, 2009
I guess the most non-invasive way would be to symlink all files on the RFS filesystem to a predefined place on internal sd, that way added/update files would work, and only an occasional sync of the symlinks would be needed when you notice lag.

Ofcourse I'm only thereoretically speaking, as I haven't done any hacking on android (yet), but thats the way I would optimize for a similar issue in pure linux.
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