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    It's bad form to ask a dev about updates... it's equally bad form for a dev to not release updates for extended periods of time.

    How the heck do you want me to update something that hasn't been released? FireTV hasn't even been out long.

    Do it yourself instead of complaining if you don't like me doing things on my own terms.

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    I'll believe it when I see it. The kallsyms dump is pretty convincing but isn't absolute proof. I'll continue beating my firetv up in the meantime I guess. If i root mine first, I'll send myself the BTC. ;)

    On that note any one know why adb shell has an LD_PRELOAD library called libnimswrap.. looks like it touches a few interesting calls.

    Personally I don't care if anyone believes me or not, any looking back at the history of Android exploits will likely see my work more often than not, especially with the Amazon FireOS. When appropriate, I will release.

    Bonus tease for everyone else, modified recovery booting (just edited /res/ images to test booting unsigned code)

    You are the first person to post "everything <but> root" in the whole thread.

    This thread should be closed.. Started off as a bounty.. bounty was paid and root was received..
    A different thread should be started if we are still looking for root. Very inconvenient for people to have to read the headlines on the internet that this device was rooted on the release day, then to have to read this whole thread to discover we still dont have root.
    please share the root:(

    The root will be shared when the dev is ready. Asking for it is in poor taste and it was said that if it were released now, then amazon would be able to patch it with their next update. As soon as amazon releases the next update, then it will be shared when it is ready
    That is of no use to me or others who are looking/needing a priv esclation method for this device until its released. In the meantime I will continue down my path. If I get it before he releases I plan to do full disclosure. Hope I don't burn his exploits.

    Why not join me in the process, instead of racing against? I'm looking to find less valuable bugs to use, instead of the more dangerous ones I am currently using. Feel free to ping me on freenode or gtalk.

    Full disclosure, is something I do often, I believe I have accounted for the majority of open source android exploits. I really appreciate it when ppl explain what they are doing, love seeing the work of others, and love not having to reverse it.