[Bounty] SM-N975U1 Note 10+ (USA unlocked version) bootloader unlock and root method

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Jun 23, 2020
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+
So for example: how can you tell from this typical (on ebay) string the revision?

You need the build number not model number to determine bootloader compatibility.
As the link states. May be represented by a letter or number on the build number.
5th digit from the end represents the bootloader version. You can use the same or higher number but not lower to upgrade or rollback. In this case it's a "2".
Screenshot_20211002-130441_Settings (1).jpg
If developer options have to be on, and the bootloader unlocked, to flash Odin files, BL AP ,CS, CSC, in their perspective order, bootloader, system, recovery, ...how come the bootloader cannot be changed or written in a way that the system/recovery file (AP) can be booted from an SDcard instead of the internal storage. Can the Pit file be written to in the partition as well, like a ,say, Windows PC can. They update the firmware in the CMOS from time to time on certain models??

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    I wanted to start a Bounty for a root method in the SM-N975U1 unlocked US model of the Now 10+.

    Bounty will be awarded to the first CONFIRMED successful method to unlock the bootloader and root SM-N975U1 unlocked US model of the Now 10+.

    Xda rules state: No money can be collected or pooled on XDA, Bounties are PLEDGES ONLY. Thanks for understanding

    Just say how much you'd be willing to put in and I'll update this post with your info including donation amount weekly.

    Current Bounty:

    117micc ------------------- $100

    Learning0876 ------------- $300

    Oneandroidnut ----------- $100

    1404zone ----------------- $100

    Jason123420 -------------- $200

    Geekser ------------------- $300

    Kapoowe ------------------- $30

    maddman2k1 ------------- $500

    Mike02z ------------------- $25

    Firebrain ----------------- $2000

    Horologist ---------------- $700

    unimatrix ------------------ $20

    HarroldC ------------------ $100

    RomLord14495 ------------ $50

    zack61797 ------------------ $40

    Paddington1982 ----------- $35*

    aj_vogtman ---------------- $100

    Bot42 --------------------------- $50

    ackaite --------------------- $100

    Lovemytab ----------------- $25


    Grand Total --------------- $4875

    ****** UPDATE ******

    Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ bootloader unlock petition

    Please copy and share this petition on all your social media accounts!
    Well, I think most people would want to keep Samsung pay, Knox, etc. Rooting is just not worth it for a Samsung flagship nowdays.

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    Guess I'm not most people....
    SM-N9750/ds rooted/bootloader unlocked...
    Don't use sam pay...if i really wanted to or needed to my galaxy watch will do it. Love some Viper audio, built in spam calling protection, Call rec etc. Its my phone...i require su permissions to really believe that.

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    Hey everyone,

    I think I've mentioned this before, but can we all please be respectful and kind to one another. Regardless of who said what, when, to who, let's stay courteous to others and try to stay on topic. I understand this thread had been around for months, without any real relevant updates, but honestly it covers with the territory.

    We are all crossing our fingers and hoping for the same thing, arguing, being disrespectful, or condescending to one another is not going to make an exploit for this device happen any faster. Let's all stay professional and proper please. Thank you so much!

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    Well if people know anyone on here we can get a team and unlock the bootloader/root I've been trying to find possible "bugs" but nothing at all its extremely hard because older tricks that people used are patched and I'm still running 9.0 on my note 10 and still nothing.... I dont want to update to 10.0 till people find a root method but its extremely hard now a days but with a team I feel like it could be done

    i been (what seems like) working alone for months n months now.. nit one person has messaged me or even indicated they were also trying lol

    im making headway on n960u today.. i can now write to system vendor and odm partitions on combo using my already posted n9 combo root and an olllld trick im surprised even works lol
    no negativity. but this thread will be nothing but hopes and dreams