$$ BOUNTY $$ thread for LG-H870DS unlocked bootloader and root

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    Desperate times call for desperate measures.
    Therefore, I have decided to start a bounty thread to entice a developer to unlock the bootloader and achieve root for the dual sim LG G6 aka H870DS.

    I contacted LG requesting official bootloader unlock for the H870DS.
    LG replied with “Currently, you can only unlock the bootloader for the models below.
    - LG G6: US997.USA for the U.S. open market
    - LG G6: H870 for the European market”.
    The above was of no benefit as its the same as list on [url]https://developer.lge.com/resource/mobile/RetrieveBootloader.dev[/URL]
    I think it will be ironic if bootloader unlock and root is achieved unofficially for the H870DS as it will mean our devices are still under warranty...that is, if a stock rom can be re-flashed.

    I have contacted emdroidle, the developer who achieved bootloader unlock for the LG V20 (H990DS) aka Dirt Santa [url]https://forum.xda-developers.com/v20/development/dirtysanta-h990-t3624296[/URL].
    Unfortunately emdroidle stated the Dirty Santa method is strictly for the Qualcomm 820 and won't work for the G6.:crying:

    I'm going to use this bounty thread [url]https://forum.xda-developers.com/v20/how-to/bounty-thread-lg-v20-root-h990ds-t3493062[/URL] as a reference and list all the offered donations.
    There will be an expectation for you to pay up if an unlocked bootloader and root is achieved.
    With that in mind please don’t state you’ll donate $50 US if this is a lot of money for you, just state what you are comfortable in paying.
    Please state your model, donation amount and currency to make it easier for me to create and maintain the donators/tally list.
    Fingers crossed

    A person named Raghu has setup a petition for unlocking h870ds and other LG g6 models on Change.org http://chn.ge/2m8AnPy

    I'll open the bounty

    nchc H870DS $40 aud
    Sojkin H870DS $20 EUR
    powerskunk h870ds $40 US
    TiDuS059 H870DS 30€
    milan187 H873 $50 CAD
    dasich82 H870DS $30 (currency?)
    Valdorous H870DS 50 EUR
    Darksession H870DS 30€
    christopherrrg H873 (Canada) - 60$ CAD
    felipondrioxcl H870 (Not European. South America - Chile) 30USD
    Xfinity H870DS $50 (Euros?)
    Dezerd H870DS 30€
    cedric3320 H870DS 30€
    Gamebytes H870DS 30€
    FreezingBlade H870ds 40€
    Arigalsa Korean h870ds, $40cad
    busano201 H870ds 40$ US
    Giladg25 H870ds $50
    Tobybarr H870DS $30
    kbau5 H870DS £25
    macros3001 H870DS 25 Euros
    dalmm H870DS 20 €
    ferby09 h870ds 30€
    breakkblade h870ds 40€
    DuxteR7 h870ds 25 USD
    gl000008 H870DS 25€
    tanostoyano H870DS $10 USD
    Silver Wx H870DS 10€
    johanruda H870DS 25€
    gmrummani H870DS 100 Saudi Riyal
    troppodel H870DS 30$
    BobLoblaw321 H870DS 20€
    biele27 H870DS 20€
    MartianNinja H870DS 50 USD
    gilkerh for 870dssss 30$
    pvillasuso H870DS $25
    C4RoCKeT H870DS, 10€
    sanyyos H870DS 20usd
    gkg2k G6+ H870DSU 40 euros
    spacedjase H870DS $20 usd
    mickman H870DS 20 €
    tristone H870DS 20 EUR
    nezdeboeuf H870DS 30€
    kmcianfarini US977Z $30 USD
    Eizenfelds H870DS 30 Euros
    Overbafer1 H870DS $40
    lqbweb H870DS 30€
    mikokrak H870DS 30€
    Windston57 H870DS $10AUD
    _Freddy_ H870DS 50€
    michaellin0318 H870DS 35 cad
    brentk H870DS AU$20
    Vinod2 H870DS €15
    laky29 H870DS $50
    alchimia H870DS 15€
    Haxxa H870DS $15 Aud
    znedw H870DS $15 Aud
    ahorntaler H870DS 20 €
    swanknation H870DS $20 AUD
    strype09 H870DS 30€
    pvtSquid H870DS 20 EUR
    Noxxit H870DS 15€
    ModekXKay UAE h870 25 usd
    dasloewi H870DS 15€
    Sungandr860 H873 $100 cad
    dbX7 H870DS 20€
    tanostoyano H870DS 15 USD
    vanttr H870ds $40au
    samoelfilho H870ds 5 USD
    sairam108 H870DS $10
    Dennis S H870DS $10 AUD
    Inpain H870S 20 USD
    razzvg H870DS 20€
    paul.lee.au $25aud
    Seronez 25€
    longboy75 h870s $10
    Mitch.sc h873 $20
    na33m97 H870S 50TL
    Balvenie H870DS 20 euros
    kedster H873 20$ CAD
    paul.lee.au $50 AUD
    Iriroro 15 CAD
    antollinim H870DS 50USD
    sas06 75 SAR
    narcarsiss AUD $200 :)
    duledxb 40 usd
    deolol $20
    growlre £30
    Sergykm 10$
    bin.hafith H870DSU 25 USD
    soiling 870ds 20 EUR
    jeffyzefrench H870DS $20 AUD
    matin0611 20 dollar
    yilun H870 15€
    monose1 dual sim h870S $20 USD
    Ariel079 Israeli h870 10$ US
    amallik24 H870DS USD 10$
    Adibibi H870DS $50
    enop4 lg g6+/US997U $5
    CircusMusic H873 $50CAD
    matique H870DS USD$20
    plytraid H870 ISRAEL 10$
    Strobelite $40 CAD
    fadenfisch95 H870DS $50 USD
    mvgadagi H870DS $50
    BorHuK h870dsu 10$
    Twentyfourinc H870ds $10
    dpwlt H870ds - £20
    ubermanr 20usd

    Total as at post #498 = $3390 of various currencies
    I have been in communication with J0sh1X and I am going to start working through bluebourne and a few other vulnerabilities to achieve root and to unlock the bootloader. Give me time and I will have something crafted up sooner, than later. :)

    Don't loose hope.
    Will be receiving this device in mail in the next few days, will try & see what I can do to help workaround this whole thing. Have hope guys, we can still do this.
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    I haven't been having good luck on this so far. I will keep trying, are there any other developers willing to collaborate with me to crack this down?