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bq Aquaris M10 FHD - Screen stays black (but turned on) after flashing stock Android ROM

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New member
Apr 27, 2018

I kind of "bricked" my tablet. Yesterday I wanted to try Ubuntu touch, installed it trough UBports, everything was easy. After some testing, I decided to go back to Android. The official website of by was shut down, bq doesn't exist anymore. I remember downloading Android images on their website years ago.
However, I was searching the web for copies of Android ROMs for this tablet and found two, one from 2016 (probably Android 5.1) and one from 2018 (Android 6.0, I guess).

I used the SP Flash Tool to flash the ROM onto the tablet. This process takes about three minutes and seems to work fine, I get the green check mark in the end. However, after flashing, the tablet turns on but stays in a blackscreen. First I thought it was bricked now, actually the Android system gets installed! After about ten minutes I can turn off the screen by pressing the Power button - and hear the lock sound! So it pretty much seems like the system gets installed successfully but maybe the screen driver doesn't work?
Plugging the tablet to my monitor through HDMI didn't give me an image either.

I once achieved to get to the recovery menu after a reboot - but again: only a black back-lit screen. I recognized this by randomly pressing buttons until the test sound played.

I tried flashing Ubuntu touch through the SP tool and then I get a fully working tablet, even though the OS itself is old and unusable. So... How do I install Android without the blackscreen? LineageOS or something else would be okay too.
Not sure if this is of any use to you still, but on this German forum there is a software repo that holds most software and firmwares from BQ: https://www.android-hilfe.de/forum/...itory-fuer-treiber-tools-firmware.964197.html.

That said, I have the same tablet and while it's getting kind of old, it's one of the very few tablets that has active development for a Linux operating system. I still have Android on it actually, but I plan to update it with Ubuntu in the near term. It seems stupid to just keep using an old Android version on it. I'm wondering what made you take the step to go back to Android after trying Ubuntu Touch?