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Brand new WM 6.0 phone won't turn on :(

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New member
Apr 21, 2010
I am about to burst out in tears:(

Oh yeah, Hi, my name is sitnet, I just registered.

Today I bought a HKC Mova 305 windows mobile 6.0 phone. You won't know the make, it is a local service provider make. It doesn't have any warranty, it was on promotion for very VERY cheap.

This is the problem:

When I turn it on it just shows the logo of the service provider (a splash screen) and then the screen goes dark (logo still visible in sunlight), but it doesn't do anything from there on. So then I did a soft reset (with a small reset button) but still the same thing.

Then I started experimenting, the phone has a load of buttons, there is a wheel on the side with a button below it and then also a camera button. I held in the button under the wheel and the power button together then this menu came up:

PB Update!
Connecting ...
INFO: Trying to initialize USB RNDIS...
HostMiniInit:: !!
Rndis:: initialization: with addr-0
Rndis:: initialization!
Rndis:: PDDInit success!
Rndis:: Get MAC address 4500,5634,9A78
Rndis:: initialization: Fail!
ERROR: Failed to initialize Bulverde Rndis USB Ethernet controller.
ERROR: Failed to detect and initialize Ethernet controller

Then I removed and reinsterted the battery and pressed the wheel button in while pressing the power button and got this menu:

Xloader Version:
Eboot Version: Eboot-1.02-02
1(W): Update with SD Card
2(T): Boot from IPL KITL disable
3(B): Doc Update
4(L): Format Partition
5(R): Test Memory
-----from oallog--------
Enter your selection:

The buttons associated with the selections do not do anything though, BUT I experimented that I can select any of the options (except nr.4) with other buttons.

Ok and lastly when I press the Camera button and the power button together it says "KITL enable" and then only shows the splash screen again but forever.

This is my very first Windows mobile phone. I have no clue what to do :eek:
I have read that there is a way to reinstall the rom or something. I will do anything to get the phone working.

Here is the phone: ucables.com/ref/TELKOM-MOVA-305-PDA-P-R105795

Please, please I beg of anyone to help me, I will be so grateful it can't even be described in words.

EDIT: OK I found out that when pressing the "red dot" button (it changes between numbers and letter while typing) and the power on button it says waiting for USB connection and then I plugged it in and it installed as a "pocketPC" and now it says "Updating" on the screen. I'm just going to wait...

THANX so much guys!!! :)
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New member
Apr 22, 2010
I found a link that will help. My phone is loading into windows mobile now. Not hanging on splash screen.

Good luck

just add www to the front of the url. Wasnt able to post full link.


Apr 22, 2010
Cape Town
Thanx for the reply, i tried that method and could actually install that rom on the phone through the "super rom update" utility.However, when the phone restarts it still does the same thing...It just shows the telkom logo for 4 seconds then the phone switch off.

Any suggestions?



Senior Member
Oct 20, 2006
So, somebody is trying to sell this phone again! And with the same useless initial rom in it as I can see!
The same support site has a new version of the rom that is 3.05 instead of the 2.2 here
Originally they were selling this phone with an extra special cable just for flashing the radio part of the rom but as far as I know it is no longer offered.
I think there is someone from China that posted on the same site that he's flashed WM6.5 on it but the guy disappeared! See here.
There is also more info on the Modaco website and an even a new rom! You will need to flash the 3.05 first then the 3.10 at Modaco. It is new but it is only a 6.0 rom but it addresses issues that people had with the phone. The Modaco website has more info about this phone.
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