Breaking: Realme X2 Pro stable Android 11 update released with Realme UI 2.0

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May 24, 2017
They won't upload the firmware for a while unfortunately. The X50 Pro was the first to get the UI2.0 update and they still haven't uploaded the update to the support site.
They are now releasing the F12 update in India so I'd try getting in touch with Realme support and asking for it to be pushed to your device. Word of warning though, the support is terrible so you will have to keep trying.
Believe me I would have gone custom again, if they hadn't have broken the bootloader.
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I can't flash anything because my phone is bl locked and I can't unlock again, realme messed up the bootloader, cant flash anything, can only flash through stock recovery
In that case, go to realme's software update website and download latest RUI 1.0 image for X2 Pro. This will work for sure as it's an official package.

Or if you can't copy files to phone, click on "Online update" on stock recovery, select your WiFi and it will start downloading the latest OTA.
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Sep 20, 2013
Realme X2 Pro
There is a way, downloading it from the web and installing through file manager/stock recovery. The problem is that they haven't yet uploaded the firmware on their website!
My phone is on c.38 and looked bootloader.... I already tried manually the EU/Globe and the India's OTA and both give me "field update".
If u have any link u know is working, please provide it to me
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Feb 8, 2009
A short story, how i get RUI 2.0

after i bricked my phone with a wrong fastboot command ( erase system+vendor... )

i reinstall the phone entierely with a full stock rom c27(~5GB for full rom and ~3Gb for OTA) then ota to c38 ( india i think) .
immediatly i receive the ota message for RUI 2.0 update( but not do it ).
not remember exactly where i found the full stock rom maybe here :)

Then install twrp + root but magisk hide not work with my bank app so i decide to revert root. and download the RUI2.0. I tried flash it with TWRP ( file location for ota ==> /data/oppo/coloros/OTA/.otaPackage/ ) but i get a error message " this updat is for L1 widevine or some bullsh*t like that O_O) " WTFFFF

So i finally relaucn the c38 ota to revert stock recovery and do un online update in the stock recovery, i'm nom on RUI2.0 and not have hard issue

Debloat some bullsh**t with this post ==> \o/

Sorry for my bad english i try my best T-T
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Jul 30, 2016
Realme X2 Pro
Xiaomi Poco F3
Try this

switch off location in the menu, turn off, remove the SIM card, turn on the phone, connect using only WiFi, install a VPN on the phone, set to India (or UK, France, etc) go to the update in settings, see if it shows you the latest download...

Good luck.

My Realme x2pro global with all updates till december 2021 is at bootlop to UI Recovery ver 1.2, nothing working, also ADB or Fastboot not working. I was downloaded all stock OTA version RMX1931EX_11 but always have only message:
"Installation failed, The installed version is lower than current". I have also latest RMX1931EX_11_OTA_1380_all_fXURbL0BfKor from I dont know what else can I do more. Online update (keep data) not working.

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    I've had the original OnePlus phone, two BQ phones and two Xiaomi phones before deciding to move on to this phone.

    And while the support from most of the other mentions for Europe wasn't supreme, what Realme pulls off here is beyond comparison. Security patches take a ridiculous amount of time to be distributed (I think the latest version is still from February?) and the whole on-and-off strategy of Realme UI 2 for the X2 Pro with the absolute abscence of communication is just absolute laughable - if it wasn't so sad. All I have to find out more about the current status of this and when to expect an update in Europe are "tech news" websites which update the same article every 2 days to stay relevant for SEO.

    I have to say I'm incredibly disappointed and will certainly not buy another one of their products. I know it won't matter, but I don't feel this behaviour is justifiable in any way.
    I found this on Punikaweb

    Update 104 (May 20)​

    IST 05:22 pm: The Spanish branch of Realme is rolling out Realme UI 2.0 (Android 11) update for Realme 7, 7 5G, 7 Pro, X2 Pro, and X3 SuperZoom. The commencement will be completed by July end.

    Good news I think as you should be able to download the update from the Spanish site.
    Seems like the stable update is reaching France now so it should be available for non-beta users in Europe shortly according to this link.
    Realme continues to release betas for lots of other models in India and I still can't even get a road map for any European releases.
    I'll keep asking them until I get more than a stock email reply.
    Further confirmation that the update is coming to Europe in June.