Brick android headunit

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Feb 20, 2016
Sorry, but your pictures are of insufficient resolution so I will use this picture to show you:

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The process of activating the 'download mode' is much different that from YT921- models, so if you want to use my video guide, make sure to apply the "Test Point part" specific to your head unit (the rest of the video guide will mostly apply to you as well):

  1. Install the correct MediaTek drivers on to your Windows computer

  2. Prepare your SP Flash Tools for "WRITE MEMORY" operation
  3. Connect your head unit to your computer via USB cable

  4. In SP Flash Tool, click "START"

  5. Power on your head unit by connecting it to a 12V 5A+ power supply

  6. 'Short' the test point in the picture to GROUND

  7. Without releasing the 'short', take out and then re-insert the USB cable into your computer

  8. Once the flashing starts, you can release the test points

  9. When you upload a firmware or memory dump after this, you will not need to activate test points again
Original source - 4PDA ZXDZ-01 thread.

The test point unfortunately didn't work. I did exactly as you said, it didn't work. How can I find the manufacturer of this product?


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Apr 20, 2023
Can anyone help identify which test points I need to short? Yt5760b/mediatek ac8257.

Thanks all.


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Sep 11, 2011
Novi Sad
Does anyone have firmware for mtk 9863 device 12.3?
I have bricked my device on update. I did not check checkbox that says delete all data, and that bricked it.
Please if someone have firmware and what I need to bring it back to life, let me have it.

Thank you


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May 22, 2023
Hi all, bought a cheap headhunit from China and guess what... yep it has bricked it's self!!! Only sign of life are the soft buttons on the left periodically coming on and off. HiRes images attached if anyone can work out where the Test Points are hopefully I can revive it.
Many Thanks in advance for any assistance or advice.


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    Hi all, I flashed a firmware on my headunit through sp flash tool and then my unit is bricked, no power no light only black and not detected in pc. I can not find any rom or preloader for my android head unit. I think only solution is test point. Can anyone tell where are the test point on my motherboard.

    Try this brand new guide

    As this is a MediaTek head unit, I can try to help you find them. I've taken a high resolution screenshot that you can use as reference:

    View attachment 5417495

    On your motherboard, look for 2 golden circle pads labeled:

    KPROW1 (stands for KeyPad Row 1) - and is the Vol+ pad
    EN1 (stands for Encoder 1) - Selection + Vol+ pad

    View attachment 5417497

    They should be next to each other and can be placed anywhere on the motherboard but I would start by looking around your CPU (it has white thermal paste applied to it on your picture), moving on to RAM and NAND/EMMC memory chips.

    Follow my video guide on first making sure that there is a led light turning on when you connect your motherboard to a powered USB source (laptop etc). Then make sure your MediaTek drivers are correctly installed. I'm releasing a video guide on that in coming days but for now, refer to any of my Super MOD threads to access the best drivers and also the driver installation guide itself.

    Alternatively, you can take a few high resolution pictures of your motherboard (after you cleaned it from stickers, paste etc), so that I can see every part of it clearly - and i'll try to identify the test points.
    can you show me where the test point on my board sir? please help me..
    Thank you but the postage fee is more than the price of HU. I will try to revive this unit.
    @ExtremeMOD bro can you help me, my board is also the same with @Yugmn3. I still having difficulty finding the test point. i have visited the russian website you refer before. but i still don't get it.

    and secondly when I connect there wasn't any blue light
    try to fix boot error

    Most errors do not require Test Point restoration. By failing Test Point restoration method, you have now completely erased your head unit and need to restore it from scratch. Follow the method, providing you have your backup ready with preloader and stock firmware