Bricked 9th Generation Fire 7

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Muad Dib

New member
Jan 22, 2022
I had trouble with my Fire tablet running very slow after adding Google play store support via Fire Toolbox. It worked fine for awhile and then slowed way down. I had the same experience a while back after side loading the Google play store. which was fixed with by resetting to factory settings.

When starting up the login screen would show up and not allow touch input. Most of the time the start screen seemed to restart one or more times before I could get the number pad to show up. Then it would take forever to get to the main screen. The device responded slowly and if I started an app it would often drop back to the login screen.

I tried to do another factory reset and it would not work. The screen would get to the Fire logo with the flashing red lights and not go further. Left it on overnight and now it will not power up at all. Dark scree and no response.

Is there any way to get past the dead screen and possibly reboot it?