Bricked ANE-LX2 - can someone help to recover

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Sep 5, 2015

You must still have access to fastboot, if you got your phone yesterday then I'm assuming you haven't unlock it yet, so have you tried the DLOAD method from sdcard?
Usually that fixes the issue since it rewrites the system completly.

If you don't have a link, here's a guide for you from dear @Merlin_99:

You can do everything there except this last part:
"Finally, enter to the project menu from dialer typing *#*#2846579#*#* ==> Software Upgrade ==> SdCard Upgrade.
Wait for the installation and before configuring the device enter in Recovery Mode (from the phone off, VOLUME-UP + POWER ON) and make Wipe Cache Partition, Wipe Data/Factory Reset, Reboot System Now. "

Because we need to be able to do it without powering on into the system since it's corrupted.
After you copied the files needed power off your device and then press POWER ON + Volume Plus + Volume Minus until a circle of EMUI appears and release them because the update progress has started.

That's all if you didn't use DLOAD method before.