Bricked ASUS Zenpad10

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May 16, 2022
I have an old Zenpad10 Z300c that's bricked for really long and I'm just trying to revive now.
I don't even remember how it ended up in this situation but for sure it's now stuck in a bootloop.
I can boot it to fastboot but I can't find any image to upload to it on the net...

I've tried using the old Asus Flash tool 1.x and the not so old 2.x but neither of both manage to reset that device. The later doesn't even detect the device and the former seems to always fails trying to read the different zip file I'm feeding him with... :'(

Does anybody have a hint to share on how to get that tablet back to work? Maybe someone with the same device would be kind enough to share a recovery.img file?

...Now that I think about it, I might have bricked it after missing up with the partitions... not entirely sure but I'd be interested in knowing how I can check the partition table (given I just have fastboot available)
Basically... any hint is welcome.

And sorry if it's not the right place to post