Bricked CC9 from anti-rollback. Help with EDL flashing

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Sep 8, 2020

for anyone who bricked his Xiaomi Mi 9 lite, like me yesterday. I tried several fixes, and today I tried downloading the Image file directly from Xiaomi (mi com).

I use a german / European / Global Version of the phone and it worked after installing:
miui_PYXISGlobal_V12.0.3.0.QFCMIXM_fde3fd51d2_10.0 with TWRP

I accidently installed yesterday already the V12 of Miui. So trying downgrading was failing on me. If you have the same problem, try just reinstalling V12 of Miui.

but I am just a noob, please only try if hope is already lost. Like it was on my side.


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Feb 17, 2016


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    I accidentally flashed a MiUI 10 ROM with miflash onto my CC9 which has bricked my phone as it was previously on MiUI 11. My bootloader is now locked because I accidentally checked that option in miflash so I can't just fastboot flash another working ROM. I tried putting the phone into EDL mode using the test pin method, however since I did that once, it will no longer go into EDL mode again. Is this normal?

    If anyone knows or can point me in the direction of someone who can unbrick my phone it would be much appreciated.

    Unfortunately since I bought the phone off AliExpress, the seller had already unlocked it so their account is bound to the phone rather than mine. I have managed to get the phone to boot into EDL mode by the test point method but I don't have an edl authorised account to flash a working ROM. If anyone knows someone who could help me out with this I'm more than happy to pay them for their time ?

    Download the latest fastboot firmware (MIUI 11) for your mi cc9 (not mi 9 lite). Don't grab the firmware, it's useless and will give you errors.

    When you finish your download, unpack your .tar firmware twice and flash it with MiFlashTool while you are on fastboot mode. (Power/Vol-).

    Next time, ask before flashing not after !
    This guy helped me. He uses for remote connection. 1722 rubles for flashing.
    MOD EDIT: Phone Number Removed
    Le: how did you bricked it? I restored an older backup of android 9 over Android 10 from twrp. But from what I understand cc9 doesn't have rollback protection.
    Le2: you can also try those fishy 710 firehose no Auth loaders you can find from various sources. Didn't worked for me but you can try.
    Does miflash recognize the phone in edl mode?