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May 5, 2021
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after uninstalling, reinstalling, wiping cache, wiping data, wiping device (huawei) several times ... still doesn't work, I can mirror notifications from huawei to xiaomi, but vice versa not: CI don't want to uninstall it ...
después de desinstalar, reinstalar, borrar caché, borrar datos, borrar dispositivo (huawei) varias veces ... todavía no funciona, puedo reflejar notificaciones de huawei a xiaomi, pero viceversa no: CI no quiero desinstalarlo ...
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Feb 21, 2022
Greetings all. Recently purchased cheap Samsung A12 phone and even cheaper ONN Surf tablet. Intended for tablet to be used only for tornado warnings on local broadcasts when losing satellite tv signal. I now find myself using daily. For whatever reason I can't get the notifications to work as I can on my phone. Ran across your app and was hoping this might be a work-around.

Alas, when I found it in the play store. It displayed the following:

"This app may not be optimized for your device"

Is my tablet not up to the task?

Thank you


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Jul 11, 2011
I can't figure out the settings. I don't wish to mirror anything as I have the same apps installed on both devices. So I will get for example my Outlook calendar notifications on both my devices without needing to mirrror them.
What I'd like is for notifications from apps to be dismissed on both devices when swiped away on one. How to set it up? Spent hours testing settings, no luck.
So when I swipe away that Outlook notification on my phone during the day, it wouldn't be there waiting when I open the tablet in the evening.
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    The app that bridges all your Android devices & computers together!

    Featured on XDA, Android Police & app of the week on Spiegel!

    Bridge enables the possibility of receiving your notifications seamlessly across all your Android devices & your computers.

    Tired of missing your texts, calls or WhatsApp notifications when browsing on your computer, tablet, using your smartwatch or you name it?

    We've got you covered!

    With Bridge will you not only be able to read them, but do all the same Quick Actions as the original notification, such as Reply, Like, Delete and much more.
    And with Bridge’s smart two-way sync, dismissing a notification on one device - means dismissing it on all selected devices!

    Thats not all - you're clipboard is also shared between your devices for easy integration.

    For Android devices, simply install the Bridge app on all the devices you want to ‘Bridge’ together, and select the devices you want to mirror notifications to and from.
    And with Smart Lock - logging in on your devices is a breeze.

    For Web version, there is no need for plugin & extensions - Works on all major browsers out of the box!
    After joining using the Android app, simply Log-in at and start receiving your notifications in your favorite browser.

    Doesn’t get easier than that!

    All your notifications can be end-to-end encrypted for additional security.

    List of features

    ? Mirror your notifications to other Android devices
    ? Mirror your notifications to all major web browser
    ? Reply, Like, Delete etc. directly from another device
    ? Clipboard sharing - You're clipboard is shared between your devices
    ? Two-way sync - all your devices interact with each other
    ? Whitelist - control which apps that can mirror notifications
    ? Private mode - Hide notification content on mirrored notification
    ? Encryption - all data between devices can be encrypted
    ? Battery charged notification - get notified when one of your devices is charged

    Download it from
    Play Store
    Read more here
    Bridge by XitLabs

    We would love to hear feedback and suggestions :)
    ah ok, understood, then I just will wait for the beta updates to be included in the stable version of the app

    We are rolling it out as we speak ;)

    Keep an eye in your Bridge app the next hour, you should (if everything goes well :fingers-crossed:) have a Web device :D
    I've been using Join App for this and more, can you elaborate why I may want to switch to your app?


    Thanks for your question.

    Right of the bat the difference with Bridge is that it's less than half the price.
    Bridge also has an non-cluttered UI so you'll be up and running in minutes.
    Also it's very battery & resource friendly.
    In fact it uses so little battery that it doesn't even show up on my list of apps using battery under Android settings.
    Bridge used 0.12 mAh on my phone, which is insignificant.
    I've attached a screenshot so you can see for yourself.

    Our mirrored notifications are also custom designed which gives you an easy overview.
    Even if you have more notifications in your statusbar, than Android itself can show, our custom design lets you see all of them, thus bypassing the restriction other similar apps have.

    And of course it has the usual option to Whitelist apps, get notified when one of your devices is charged and so on.

    You can try it and let us know what you think :)
    Bridge(d) my Note 9 with a Galaxy Tab A. Works very well. Been using it for a few hours with no issues. This looks like a must purchase for me.
    It looks like a decent Pushbullet replacement and I'd go for it if there was a Chrome extension/website functionality. I'm in a Chrome browser on a PC or Chromebook far more than on another Android device.

    Stay tuned and keep an eye on us. We might have something for you soon ;)