Brodit Nexus one car mount - AVOID

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Jul 13, 2007
I normally love brodit products, having used them exclusively for the last 2 years+ (about 6 different ones for my various phones), but I won't be using this mount for 2 reasons:-

1) it's a REALLY tight fit, and I value having a scratch free phone.
2) the usb port is not lined up correctly meaning you have to try to bend either the phone or the mount to get the port in.

I've attached a picture, sorry it's bad, but you can see where the teflon (or whatever the soft covers are made of) has been taken off and put across the metal, you can see a line all up the side of the soft surface, but it doesn't show on the photo.

- Anthony


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john boot

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Jul 26, 2007
I already ordered one earlier this week. It hadnt arrived yet, but Im hoping that maybe you just had a faulty one and they generally fit better.... thanks for the warning though.


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Sep 24, 2009
any way to auto-activate the car-dock mode? maybe a DIY mod?

edit: btw: i had a bad experience with the holder for my hero. to be more exact with the tilt swivel. the screw was too short, and the adhesive was in the wrong place, so it would always unscrew itself and fall of. had to replace it with my own screw. haptics of the swivel are nothing to write home about too.
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