Broken Screen - What to do with 1tb storage

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Aug 4, 2007
Hi Guys
I recently broke the screen of my S10 plus and half of the screen doesnt work anymore. I have used the other half to get the dex working so I could just get the screen mirror and put this phone to some use for its 1TB memory. I was thinking to use it as a media server but after googling couple of options - Plex, bubbleUPnP, Kodi, I havent manage to turn my phone in to a media server. Any idea if you have done it before and suggest a way I can turn my phone in to a media server. All I want to do it use that phone as a storage for my vids and images and then use internet to access them remotely. Any learnings from other members would be appreciated.


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Oct 2, 2017
Samsung Galaxy Tab E
Bonjour corepda,ton s 10 tu s le débogage USB activé dans développeur si oui possible si non impossible.
utilisez une souris avec l'adaptateur C_usb fourni avec le téléphone vous verrez les curseurs, puis essayez d'activer le débogage USB.
paramètre/à propos du téléphone/informations sur le logiciel/appuyez 7 fois sur le numéro de version.
Ensuite, dans le développeur, activez le débogage USB, puis utilisez scrcpy ou dex samsung ou autres
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