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Browser app for matepad pro

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Feb 9, 2015
Hello guys,

I've been using my matepad pro 10.8 for a while and use Microsoft Edge as my daily brower but suddenly a problem came
I cannot touch the already open tab and close it, i had to use the keyboard shortcut to open or close tab (CTRL+T/CTRL+W/CTRL+Tab)

I had GMS installed and could install chrome, but it just won't show in desktop mode so i have to find another browser

I'd like to use default browser, because it has a few perks that i like :
-show all opened tab
-Open tab in desktop mode by default
-No need to click the search bar when opening new tab

but it lacks the keyboard shortcut and it sucks, i dunno if this is a problem on my device or it is already like that by default

i tried a few browser but it always lacking in one way or another

Any idea which browser that could support my need?