BtT: Easily customizing your splash screen for JAM, PDA2k

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Dec 15, 2008
Black Splsh Screen

I wonder if anyone can put some help my way.....
I used the xda2 image changer before and I had custom images on my XDA2.
I use this and all I get is a black screen on startup. If I open the .nb file with the converter it shows as it should. (this same .nb works on my XDA2!)
I now have a plain black boot up screen!!

Any ideas......?

Hi, somehow (I don't know what did I do), my splash screen disappeared. All I get, after the first "att" screen, is a black background.

Things that I have tried:
- I deleted the custom /Windows/welcomehead.192.png (which got replaced by the original one)
- using Advanced Configuration Tool, I tried different paths for splash screen location
- using the same program, I enabled and disabled Animation at startup

Still, I wasn't able to convince my phone (Fuze) to show a splash screen at startup.

Please, does anyone have any suggestion?

thank you very much