[BUG] Hardware Buttons not changable

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Jan 5, 2008
I have following Problem:
I would like to change the Hardwarebuttons of my Leo but in the "Keys" screen there are none -.-

Also I have the Problem that it I cannot turn off the Windows Lock completely. I managed it to disable it when the device wakes up, but the lock activates when I turn off my phne with my HangOn button


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Apr 14, 2009
I wouldn't call it a bug. The buttons on the HD2 are already assigned to specific tasks already.

They wouldn't really want anyone assigning them to anything else. It's not like there are spare buttons (like on the X1) that aren't already assigned to specific functions.

So, like I said, not exactly worth calling a bug.


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Oct 4, 2008
I just installed AEBUttonPlus [because I had used it before on my HD - and I HATE not being able to scroll up/down a list of items WITHOUT triggering/opening one (EG spam email) ] - Stupid Windows/HTC AGAIN!

So I was trying to setup the HD2 the same way as I had it on my HD - that is;

'volume up HARDWARE button' has TWO functions = *one press = scroll up* : *Long press = Volume up* (same design for down of course)

But....I think I've possibly become less intelligent over the past year or something because I cant figure out how to do it in AEButtonPlus (and the website isn't much help) The prog itself isn't very intuitive, that much I do recall, but somehow I did manage it last year, to sort the HD - but can't replicate it now :(

If anyone knows what I mean and can help I'd be very much obliged - thanks!