[BUG](Italic?) subtitles invisible

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Jun 19, 2009
So I've had to stop using MX player Player (Pro) on many videos because of the following bug.

It seems italic subtitles don't show up. So if I'm watching something where the person is thinking or is off screen and the subtitler decided to indicate this with italics nothing shows up. Now if I understand the language no problem but anything where I NEED the subtitles is a no go.

At first I didn't understand why some subtitles were missing and just switched to VLC in the hope it would work. That's when I noticed it happened with italics (don't know if any other formatting has the same effect).

I've had this happen on three different devices so I'm sure it's the app.

Anyone else notice this too? Anyone know if a workaround or way to fix it? I prefer MX to VLC but this big makes things a non-starter