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Bug Netflix

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Hi ! My young children had a Galaxy A5 2017 and I flash the custom Rom Rise Q Android 10 OneUi port and work fine.
Just I have a bug with Netflix.
The A5 are root but pass SafetyNet and magisk hide Netflix. I can download it on play store no mistake and connect it I paid for Hd but when she want see a video after 5min error -57 all the time !?
I have test all data cache restart etc but Always when see vidéo after 5/10 minutes of viewing blocks with error -57 ???
I don't understand ? It's the custom Rom ? Or the Soc Exynos ? Or the Ram ?
As the workaround section of the XDA thread says you need to install this magisk module: https://github.com/Magisk-Modules-Repo/liboemcryptodisabler
Since the system itself still detects that you are rooted Netflix forbids playback.
The choice you have is to either keep magisk installed and install the module from above (which will make Netflix fall back to DRM L3, which means no HD content) or un-install magisk which will keep DRM L1 and HD content.
Also, since Rise-Q passes SafetyNet out of the box I would recommend to uninstall Magisk, but the choice is up to you ;)