[Bug Report] Pixel Pil Back Button

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Feb 23, 2012
When hitting the back button when using the pixel style nav bar it doesn't bring you back but sometimes it bring you to the recent apps menu instead. This is how to replicate the issue:

1) Open any app and the back button will appear (using the pixel style back, home nav bar)
2) Instead of pressing precisely on the back button, press slightly to the left of it (the blank space on the left of the back button).
3) Now instead of going back it goes to the recent app menu.

I've uploaded a video of Google drive showing the issue, check here:

As seen in the video, I'm clearly hitting the back button but it doesn't always bring me a step back, but instead pulls up the recent app menu. And all i have to do is to just hit the left of the back button icon or hit the left corner of the nav bar. Now this is annoying cause you have to be very precise with where you press, slightly to the left of the back button and it'll trigger the recent app menu. That's ridiculously stupid and inconvenient, the entire space around the back button should be enough to toggle the back action, not just the small back icon.

Anyone else facing the same issue?
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