Building a team..are you in?

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Aug 5, 2019
We are building a team for a new tech project that will hit as big as Uber and AirB& do we know? solves a big problem, it employs people and allows them to make money from their home, and it is a global market! It isn't creating a better mousetrap, it is the evolution of society and how we access convenience.

You would hate yourself for missing out!

What we are looking for is developers who are next level genius types. Who can take the Uber apps, and not only understand them, but recreate and/or improve upon them. We want the best!

We will be building a working prototype before going after funding. Once the VC's hear of this idea, they are going to back our seed and A round... guaranteed, no 2 ways about it!

For all those interested, contact JelloMan at [email protected]