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Apr 14, 2012
Okay so with the help of a lot of people and hours of work I have successfully built a kernel for the sg3. I want to take the next step to roms however (I know, big step).

Using the xda-university thread I have setup a repo and am currently pulling the latest 4.3 AOSP source (will let it sit overnight, my internet isn't too amazing and I have HDD not SSD *sadface*)

As far as I understand it so far, I need to find suitable device tree sources to get AOSP sources working on the sg3 (at&t for now). I have been doing a lot of searching and reading, but as usual when you get started, its like a sea of information. If anybody could give me some reading material or direction on taking on this venture, it would be much appreciated. Feel free to be as technical or nontechnical, I will read til I get what you mean.

If this is too nooby for this thread, just move the thread.


EDIT: so I did some reading and decided to go with cm's d2 device tree and see if it works. I created a new directory in /root/devices/samsung called android_device_samsung_d2-common

Unfortunately when I use the lunch command, it is not one of the selectable options. I read that I need to edit my .repo/manifest.xml to include it but upon examination I tried adding the following line but it didn't help

<project path="device/samsung/android_device_samsung_d2-common" name="device/samsung/android_device_samsung_d2-common" groups="device,d2" />

any ideas?
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Jan 15, 2012
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does the device tree have a,, if not thats why it isnt showing up when u type lunch,, dw i am having troubles with aosp too,, first time i have ever tried building aosp and i am stuck at camerawapper comoing up woth a few errors,, dont know anything about coding so ill have to look around,

also with the folder name take off the android_device etc, and leave it as d2-common

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also with the folder name take off the android_device etc, and leave it as d2-common
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Sep 18, 2013
its actually not that hard to build from source, but it does take alot of time and hair pulling (lol jk ) just repo sync from source. then make sure you have d2-common, d2(device), msm8960-common, and qcom-common under device/samsung (just pull these from CM github) then build