Built kernel from scratch, touchscreen doesn't work?

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Mar 26, 2018

I have built the kernel for the Pixel 2 XL from scratch using the branch android-msm-wahoo-4.4-oreo-mr1 (since my device is running the March security update and it looks like that branch is the corresponding source for that build).

After I successfully get my Image.lz4-dtb and dtbo.img generated, I put them in an Anykernel zip and flashed it on my device. The device boots, but unfortunately input does not work on the touchscreen.

What did I do wrong? Do I need to copy over some modules that it generates too?


Hector Chiang

New member
Jan 23, 2021
This issue is caused by kernel moduals mismatched. The device failed to insmod its peripherals' .ko(s) so the peripherals can't work.

You can solve it by pushing out/android-msm-wahoo-4.4/dist/ftm4.ko to /vendor/lib/modules/, follow below procedures:

disable-verity on the phone:
adb root
adb disable-verity
adb shell sync
adb reboot

push module:
adb root
adb remount
adb push out/android-msm-wahoo-4.4/dist/ftm4.ko /vendor/lib/modules/

P.S. It is better to push all ko(s) in the out/android-msm-wahoo-4.4/dist, or other peripherals like WLAN will still unable to work.