Bulk Edit portrait mode pictures on Windows / Android / iOS

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Aug 3, 2016
Hi guys, my situation is the following:
I took alot of portrait mode pictures on a Samsung Note 8 (it was called "Live Focus") and on a Xiaomi Mi 9t Pro and a Google Pixel 5.
Now I try to collect all my pictures in one place, but the problem is, that I have no tool to edit all sort of portrait pictures. For example if I find a picture that I like, but I want to adjust the portrait mode effect, I need to find the right phone and edit it on that phone. That's far from ideal.
Is there any way to edit the portrait mode effect "bookeh" of all these pictures in one single app? No matter if it is an Android/iOS/Windows app. Or is there a way to remove the bookeh on all pictures at once? That would also help, because there are apps that can generate the bookeh afterwards, if I want it.