Question Buying an S23+

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    Battery is fabulous.
    With my S22+ I did 4h SOT.
    I received my S23+ yesterday and I have 4h29 SOT and 52% battery left.
    Wow! what a huge upgrade.
    No debloat, all on except 5G.
    Screenshot_20230211_200230_Device care.jpg
    Sorry no idea.

    Also sorry I was wrong my modell has two physical SIM's when checking again. It has a slot on the opposite side of the tray also. Didn't notice that at first.
    I also chose between the two but decided for +. I have no need for 10x or the 200mp sensor which I doubt make that much of a difference as a whole. I also think the + is a much nicer looking phone with the flat screen.