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BV9900Pro Recovery interest

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So, I've got the Blackview BV9900Pro which as you probably know if you are reading this, is a wonderfully well priced, rugged phone with the Lepton FLIR camera built in. Being a Treble device, it is possible to install most GSI ROMs to it, however there is currently no build of TWRP, and thus far, nobody seems to have been able to get the FLIR working on the GSIs. This presents two problems. First, recovery is a wonderfully useful tool to have, and the stock recovery leaves a lot to be desired, Second, the FLIR is the main reason for buying the pro model of this phone, rendering custom ROMs virtually useless.

That being said, I love this phone, and want to start to work on both. This will be a major learning curve as a) I'm not a developer by trade (I'm a marine engineer and environmental officer on a cruise line) and b) My job takes 10+ hours a day, 7 days a week when I am on board leaving me with limited time to put into it. I've built Linux from scratch (LFS back a number of years ago) which gave me good experience with the build environment and with compiling code / troubleshooting issues so I am confident I can pull it off, but I'm intersted in gauging if there is interest in publishing my work for others ot use.

If you have the 9900Pro phone, and are intersted in either TWRP and/or custom ROMs that support the FLIR, drop me a reply here and let me know. If you have any experience with modifying custom ROMs to work with vendor hardware, I would LOVE to hear about it - it will perhaps help guide me in my efforts. One of my biggest peeves with the phone is the lack of support for basic features (ie, SIP calling is not natively supported in the vendor's ROM) and the bugginess of the OS (apps being closed int he background, widgets not loading on boot etc). The GSI I am running now (Lineage) solves these issues, but the lack of IR camera really devalues the phone, so I'm hopeful that I can resolve the issue, and make this phone worth having.

Also, if anyone knows how to go about adding a new device to the forum tree, please chime in. I'm completely new to this whole developer support thing but comitted to making it work!

Cheers everyone!