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Bypass CF test when unit comes out of sleep

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Senior Member
Jul 25, 2018
USA (East Coast)
Head unit EONON GA2170B Oreo PX5

I have a 64GB CF card in the user CF slot (for Music mp3 files etc)

The problem is, each time the HU comes out of sleep (as well as out of a boot), it hangs for about 120 seconds, while it is "Checking the CF card for errors)

(seems to error check at about 500MB / second)

I can understand it doing so during a cold boot, but it's a real pain when the unit is coming out of sleep - nothing works for the first 2 minutes.

Is there any way to set the system not to do this CF error check when it comes out of sleep. ?? (ideally without having to ROOT the unit)

If not, I am seriously thinking of adding a 60 minute time delay relay to the ACC circuit to the HU, to keep it AWAKE for at least an Hour.

Waiting 2 minutes each time I restart the car on a multi stop trip is getting really old !!!