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Feb 13, 2016
I use <Mod Edit> they unlocked my S7 edge back when I had it. Their engineers are pretty good. I couldn’t get it with the combo firmware because it was glitchy. I have had a couple please as for it so I decided to come here and just let you all know how to get it done.
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Apr 24, 2008
I need combination file for G935L 8.0 bit 2 (g935lkl2...) . It is latest security and no other method works.


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Apr 11, 2019
Hi all i have a samsung s7 edge got no phone handle at the bottom of the start screen is this a new security patch have tryed lots of ways thanks to al that can help >>>DES

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    If you've tried multiple methods to bypass frp galaxy s7 edge, and unable to bypass frp lock, because off course new security patch level now being bit difficult to bypass google account, before it was, just to dial emergency number, and then connect or pair any headset via Bluetooth to open chrome browser or calculator. But in new security patch level, bluetooth options is not working anymore, so that's why i've decided to share with you guyz new method on how to enable bluetooth option to make frp procedure easy for any Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge device. ;)

    This method has been tested with [SM-G935L Nougat 7.0]. :fingers-crossed:

    Download FRP Bypass Tool:



    Let's Start to bypass frp:

    -Switch on device.
    -Connect Wi-Fi.
    -From welcome screen, dial emergency number "911", or you can dial any emergency number to get bluetooth icon.
    -After dialing number, you will have many option, just tap on "Bluetooth" icon to pair your any bluetooth headset with your deivce.

    Note: If your "Bluetooth" option is not working, then for [SM-G395L], you can download FIRMWARE from below, this would downgrade your sec patch to get bluetooth worked.


    Downgrade Sec Patch SM-G935L:

    -Install "USB Driver".
    -Open "ODIN" Software.
    -Give file path from downloaded firmware in "Odin Software".

    Note: you have to give file path from firmware only of "BL, AP, CP, HOME CSC", and "Home CSC FILE" you will give in Odin "CSC" option.

    -Put galaxy s7 edge device in download mode.
    -connect device to computer.
    -click on "Start" button from odin software to flash device.
    -once flashing process finish, disconnect device, and then device will reboot DEVICE.
    -Connect Wi-Fi, dial emergency number (911), and then tap on "Bluetooth" icon.
    -pair your any headset with galaxy s7 edge.
    -long tap "Call button" from headset, after that you will get popup on your s7 edge device.
    -tap on "Galaxy App" from popup.
    -In google, type "Calculator".
    -DOWNLOAD and Open Calculator.

    Dial Below Code:

    -Type this code in your calculator "*(+30012012732+*"

    -Then in dparser mode, type this one code "**#0808#*"

    -If above code does not lead you to the "USB Settings", then type below code.

    -Type code "319712358", after that give password "0821"

    -Select "USB Settings".

    -tap on "DM + ACM + ADB", after that tap on "Reboot"

    -After rebooting finish, you will have "Welcome!" screen.

    Final Step to bypass frp:

    1/ Connect device to computer.

    2/ Make sure device is on "Welcome Screen".

    4/ extract file, and open "FRP_Techeligible" file.

    5/ CMD window will appear, then press any key to continue.

    To continue and downloading more combination ROM and Bypass frp (Click Here).

    This would remove frp lock, thanks to XDA Developer. :good:
    Not woking anymore with last security update

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    Looking for FRP bypass for sm-g930v most recent update