Bypass Snapchat Ban

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Jul 9, 2022
Basically I think Snapchat detected im rooted or that I use vpn orsomething and they deleted my account + device banned me I make new account it work on other devices but can't access any accounts using my device , the issue is usually fixed if i factory reset my phone .... I'm not sure if it's IMEI ban because I doubt factory reset change the IMEI so its something with the data on my phone , so is there any way to bypass that device ban without having to factory reset ? I got XPrivecyLuna on Lsposed but I can't get it to work any idea how to reset my phone data or get past that ? Note that I'm using the original MIUI Rom from xaomi website and I tried sign off all my Google accounts and I'm not sign into any MI accounts yet I also tried on different network so its not IP ban I still can't access Snapchat I can make new account and use it normally but if I sign off then try to sign back in it won't let me it gives me error on sign in : Due to repeated failed attempts or other unusual activity . Your access to Snapchat is temporary disabled .
Tried to install it and reinstall still doesn't work do I actually have to factory reset and will that remove root and make me install Magisk allover again


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