[CAB/EXT]Messaging Client 2015/2016 [UPDATE] 3rd August 2010

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Dec 8, 2009
Messaging Client 2015/2016*With Secure Box/No loading bugs/video to whow it*

This new messaging client is really faster...

Lastest Update are here (In the HOME of The Messaging Client) my friends: link

To all: IT IS FAST!!!! Try it out! Thanks G-ThGraf!!

Here is the lastest build from HTC, custom (icon and new mui) by me!
2015/2016 works with same speed, so if run actually the 2015 no need to change (Don't change a winner team)

Try it at your own risk!

*Make Backup of your sms before, and restore sms after installation**You can also make a complete backup*

Installation for 2015 or 2016:

-First unzip the file in your storage card
-Disable Sense,
-Soft reset,
-Install cab at the end refuse the soft reset,
-replace the all.mui in \windows, (1 mui for 2015 and 3mui for 2016)(Inclued in the zip file)
-soft reset, enable sense!

Have fun you have secure box on Messaging Client 2015/2016 (1.8)
Please Feedback!

Video to see performance! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCtatXed5Ok

Please Feedback to improve performance!!!

If you don't use a WWE version read this post!!

For install MMS Fix no need stop Sense, just run the cab and soft reset

-Some stock 1.66 (WWE) user can't use it, impossible to know why because some people with same rom can!!
-Use 2015 version for NGR Rom user
-Same for Stock 1.66 rom 2.13 TMO stock ROMS appears to bugs...
-don't forget, backup sms ->Delet all->upgrade->apply backup
-For no WWE user don't forget the chek the link just above!

Translation: (just replace mui with these new one!)
-German translation... Thanks dude, you're crazy!
-Italian translation... Thanks for Italian users!
-French translation... Thanks!

Please, for stock ROM User (1.66), use it (2016.2428)
or mirror here(thanks to newstar


  • SMSSentNotificationOff.cab
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  • HTC_Messaging_Client_v1.8.20161228.00.zip
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Jun 5, 2008
been waiting for this what is the difference in this you see so far and what exactly improvements are there? is there a secure box in this one?


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Dec 8, 2009
Normaly the second, i finish to work on cab, so will change my registry now! But i'm tired about 2A.M in france :D


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Aug 27, 2008
hmmm im on energys latest rom, this cab doesnt work for me :/ followed exact instructions but im still left with crappy winmo default


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Hmm, haven't had much joy with this. I'm running a TMOUS HD2 with 2.10 stock ROM - notably, I've also installed HTC Messaging 2014 and a fix for the sent message notifications. Tried uninstalling 2014 & fix, then installing 2015 - no joy, it defaulted to the WinMo default messaging. Tried installing 2015 over 2014 instead - this worked, and the version was showing correctly - but every time I opened a conversation, there would be no messages. They showed fine in the Inbox view, and fine in standard view, just not in conversation view - no message history.

Anyone else tried this with TMOUS, or over 2014?

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    i have all the settings fixed but they still come in as 4kb or 5kb

    I assume you mean they come in small on the recipients phone? Or are you sending them to yourself for testing purposes? If you revert back to your previous version of messaging, does it send them the right size?