[CAB/EXT]Messaging Client 2015/2016 [UPDATE] 3rd August 2010

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Jan 11, 2010
LUUUUUUUSH!!!! Woohoo!!! You've made my HD2 complete ThGraf&AngelDeath !!!!

I've been using Dutty's ROMS (I'm currently on V17) and the only issue I have had is with SMS Messaging. I had about 2800+ sms's, 700 of which I found where duplicates so 2100 left after the long process of going through them all and deleting the duplicates (until 3am this morning, this geek can't rest until issues are resolved).

Sms'ing was soooooooo laggy UNTIL I installed your cab & ext (071.2018... & ThGraf&AngelDeath HTC MessagingClient). Now it shwings in comparison (only a little lag, hardly noticeable).

I've reported my findings back to Dutty here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=741179&page=50, post 5988.

I soooooooooo hope you three (ThGraf, AngelDeath, and Dutty) can get together to make the Dutty ROM the perfect ROM (for me at least) by allowing & cooking your stuff into Dutty's.


There's some feedback I'd like to give to perhaps make your work even better, but I'll do some fresh flashing of Dutty's V17 ROM (the latest I have) and your cab/ext first before I report back to you with my feedback, I'm just sooo excited I wanted to say a rather large THANK YOU!!!!!


May 19, 2007
"search" option in "all messages" window

is there or can you incorporate "search" option in "all messages" window?
Ie search "xyz" in the messages like the one in the omnia i900?
can you place keyboard option on "all messages" window?


Aug 16, 2010
Installation Problem

Hi derei tried to install this on HTC HD2 with ROM version 1.72 now i followed your procedure but it says that i dun have permission to install this software .. is there anyway over it ?? i really do want to install your application !!

Thanks in advance !


Jan 16, 2010
hi, i instaled this HTC client and now i can´t send sms a receive sms... Do you know where he might be the problem?


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Oct 14, 2010
hey mate

ive tried to install the messaging client but i am unable to locate the
"all.mui" files you mention in the installation steps

im currently running

os:5.2.21919 (21916.5.0.93)
Manila: 2.5.20191914.0
rom: 08.nov.2010 WWE


Jul 27, 2008
Hi there, I have a problem. I add in my Cookie home Tab, an sms shortcut, and when I tap it, It is starting new message with standard Tmail.exe application.
And here is my question. Is there any possibility to force opening that type of shortcuts with Messaging Client.exe from ThGraf?

Thanks in andvance!


Jul 19, 2007
please help me , i have secure message or i=secure inbox but there is no notification,how to activate notificAtions like LED only or etc,plz help asap


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Nov 8, 2008

I'm using a stock from with mobile shell installed.

I installed this app a while ago and haven't had any problems since.....until now.
For some reason when I open the app to start typing, it closes automatically and takes me back to the home screen.
I havent installed anything else recently. It just started doing this on its own.

- tried uninstalling, restarted and reinstalled the app, same problem.

If I use the original messages client, it works fine. I only have problems with this app.

Can you shed some light as to why this is happening now and how to fix it?


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Nov 8, 2008
messages stuck in outbox

ok, this is going to sound weird to a lot of people
I've had the HD2 for a year and a bit. I've flashed new ROM's on it almost once every 2-3 months (and i always Task29)

I've only come across the messages stuck in outbox recently. Have read a few threads but none of the fixes work.

Here is my setup :
- Using the latest Energy Reference ROM
> SMS's send fine using the stock client.

- Messaging client 2015
> Messages getting stuck in the outbox.

Here is the weird part. If i connect the phone to the PC with WMDC and run Pocket Controller-Pro, all messages get sent out properly with the new Messaging Client. If I disconnect the phone from the PC, I may get 1 or 2 messages to send before they start getting stuck again.
If I reboot the phone, all messages get send out from the Outbox.

I've run through the connection setup a few times > no change
Tried re-installing Messaging Client 1.8 > no change
Problem only started happening the last month. Have re-flashed the phone to make sure it wasn't the ROM.

Any ideas ?


Jan 21, 2011
Messaging Client 2015/2016*With Secure Box/No loading bugs/video to whow it*

This new messaging client is really faster...

Lastest Update are here (In the HOME of The Messaging Client) my friends: link

Here is the lastest build from HTC, custom (icon and new mui) by me!
2015/2016 works with same speed, so if run actually the 2015 no need to change (Don't change a winner team)

Try it at your own risk!

*Make Backup of your sms before, and restore sms after installation**You can also make a complete backup*

Installation for 2015 or 2016:

-First unzip the file in your storage card
-Disable Sense,
-Soft reset,
-Install cab at the end refuse the soft reset,
-replace the all.mui in \windows, (1 mui for 2015 and 3mui for 2016)(Inclued in the zip file)
-soft reset, enable sense!

Have fun you have secure box on Messaging Client 2015/2016 (1.8)
Please Feedback!

Video to see performance! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCtatXed5Ok

Please Feedback to improve performance!!!

If you don't use a WWE version read this post!!

For install MMS Fix no need stop Sense, just run the cab and soft reset

Please, for stock ROM User (1.66), use it (2016.2428)
or mirror here(thanks to newstar

the htc messaging client will work for the touch hd too?

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    i have all the settings fixed but they still come in as 4kb or 5kb

    I assume you mean they come in small on the recipients phone? Or are you sending them to yourself for testing purposes? If you revert back to your previous version of messaging, does it send them the right size?