CAB to install Office Mobile 2007 onto your storage card (free up some device memory)

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Dec 29, 2006
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I wanted to free up more device memory, but the Office 2007 CABs (I could find) would only install to the device. So I edited the CAB I had, to give you the choice (device or storage card).

It seems to work OK. The shortcuts, on the start menu, weren't pointing to the new location... but I think I have fixed that. Not sure what happens on non-english devices.

The bugbears I have found are;
Hitting the new button in Word generates an error. I think it is because the default template is in the wrong place. So if anyone can shed some light on that, I would be grateful. It's not a biggie tho' I just created a document called "blank.doc" and open that instead.
And the File Associations are pointing to the old location. I edited the registry changes in the CAB, but I screwed up (it couldn't handle the space in 'Storage Card'... hmmm). So I went back to the earlier version, and you have to edit the file associations manually. #
Is anyone willing to lend me a brain cell here?

I'm sure someone will come along now and say, "there is already a CAB that does this".... but I did spend two days looking for one!

Here it is anyway,

LINK REMOVED, see the much better CAB below
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Mar 23, 2007
wich one?

The one that say..... (SC) or the one that dont say (SC)... PDACorner_office2007.rar

Office in Storage Card? it must be good... anyone that can be sure of wich one is the correct one?


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Nov 2, 2007
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How can i uninstall Ofice2007 from my phone mates?Thanks in advance.
there are 3 cases for for software on PDA devices:

  1. applications that are cooked with the ROM installed on your device (in this situation you can not uninstall these applications)
  2. applications that installed as a part of the post-flash customization.
  3. applications that you install yourself
for the 2nd and 3rd situation you may go to "Settings/[Tab: System] Remove Programs" if you want to know which programs are installed on your device and from there you can uninstall the programs that you don't need.
I hope this was a kind of useful for you and it answered your question.

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Apr 10, 2008
Thanks for replay mate,my case is # applications that are cooked with the ROM installed on your device (in this situation you can not uninstall these applications)so,can't do anything.


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Oct 31, 2008
I'll just point out that this cab breaks the finger friendly menus in 6.5.3 File Explorer...