[CAB] WP7UI, Standalone for WM6.5 --HOST-- V1.5 (colors) - UPDATED

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Nov 29, 2010
yes many thanks !
also if someone knows a 6.5 ROM with working Video Call let me know about!
I tested some but also I got some bugs:D
so don't give me a link only if you know to be stable (for Omnia sgh-i900)
yes I know about Modaco but..
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diamond 2


Found it a little by accident... installed just to test it, thinking after a while I'd be bored with it...

6 months have passed and I'm still using it... is rocking my diamond 2... still love it...

Can you not love the orange?!

Great app... I´m still waiting on further development...

very, very nice!

Great work! :D
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Apr 27, 2007
Hi does anyone have in a dusty locker the VGA version for this front end. I know it's a long time ago but im loving getting old devises upto date :)

Many thanks

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    Host V1.5


    Like i said before, i'm only learning wm programming.. so nothing big..

    This is a standalone app. You can customize it to make it look like WP7.

    Should work on all screen types (QVGA/WQVGA/VGA/WVGA), other than the square/HVGA ones.

    1. WM6.5
    2. .net compact framework 3.5 (usually built into WM6.5 cutom ROMs. if not, u'll need to install it)

    still beta...i'll assume no responsibilities...

    things to do..
    just install the cab (on device) and run from the start menu.

    REMEMBER to uninstall before a new install

    i'd recommend all today items to be disabled first (not needed, but saves battery and memory)

    New video of Host v1.5:

    Tested on HTC HD2 (ROM: Duttys), HTC Touch 3G (ROM: Megade) and Samsung OMNIA II (i8000) (ROM: Stock 6.5).. dont know how it'll go on other devices..should work on all devices with WM6.5

    Condition for use: Leave a comment :)


    Known Issues:
    Please report

    Remember when downloading: HostV1.5.CAB is the new version. HostV1 and WP7V2.0.CAB are the old ones. if you find V1.5 too heavy for u'r device, u may opt for WP7V2.0.
    (keeping all of them for download)

    ChangeLog for Host V1.5:
    1. No confirmation for lockscreen (10 Dec, 2010)
    2. Screen stretched to fit screen if all buttons at the bottom bar are hidden (10 Dec, 2010)
    3. SharePoint and OneNote added in officepage (10 Dec, 2010)
    4. Shortcuts background has been removed (10 Dec, 2010)
    I would love to have a Weather-Hub. Is it possible to realize such a thing?

    it will be added.. but pls dont ask for a date..

    I want this program (host 1.5) to start automatically. It's possible?

    use total comander. create shortcut of host.exe , copy to windows\startup folder
    I installed a really bare 6.5 rom, it only had media player, and when i tap pictures, it says : program could not be launched.
    can i just assign any program to it or do i need a specific program?

    assign it to anything of u'r choice..
    Is this still being supported? I really hope so. Awesome awesome job keep it up.

    it is still supported and the project will continue.. but i'm takin a break :)