Call blocker app which supports "pick up and hang up" on Marshmallow?

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Jan 13, 2015
Does anyone know of a call blocker/blacklist app that has a "pick up and hang up" mode that still works on Marshmallow? I don't mind if it requires root, but it can't be an Xposed module.

The aim is to block calls from blacklisted numbers without allowing them to leave a voicemail. There are a few apps on the app store that offer this feature, but they all seem to have notes or recent reviews saying that this is broken as of Android 5.0+.

The only one I've found that claims to still have it working on Marshmallow is Extreme Call Blocker but this is a relatively expensive paid app and has various negative reviews saying it either fails to block calls, or in some cases, blocks all calls!


Feb 4, 2011
Hello nogaff,
I exhume this post because I'm also looking for an app like this. I tried Extreme call blocker and it doesn't work at all for the "pick up & hang up" function.
This is not really surprising because it seems that the "automatic hang up" feature by an application has been blocked on the latest versions of Android to avoid malicious applications that might call and disconnect.
However, I also hope that there is a possible workaround because I am also looking for such a solution.
Does anyone know a way or an app?


Mar 3, 2013
Earlier this evening I worked out how to do it using Tasker:

I used to use Extreme Call Blocker (and £4 is not "relatively expensive" at all) but it no longer works under Oreo. At least, not on my phone. It might still work for others. I can't comment about Marshmallow.

Call Control does do the "answer and hang up" thing under Oreo.

However, none of these are likely to be useful to the OP, since the OP appears averse to paying for apps. Call Control demands a subscription after the initial 7-day trial, and my method also requires paid-for apps (Tasker and AutoNotification). But if the OP can go without a cup of coffee then the low purchase price of the apps in question might be met.