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Call History - is there an app to show call date and time for each call

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Senior Member
Jan 21, 2016
I'm interested in this question : I record my call with Skvalex's Call Recorder, so I can get those informations from here, but I'd rather get them directly from the call app.


Senior Member
Oct 5, 2006
I might install Skvalex's Call Recorder just for the history date and time. I don't care if it actually records the conversation which I read is a problem with non-rooted phones.

I downloaded it from their website instead of the store


Senior Member
May 5, 2007
Google Pixel 4a
At least on A10, on the center "Recents" tab it will show the date - if you want the time, tap the call you want then tap "History".

Another way is from that same tab, click the top right 3 dots, then call history, tap call, then "Call Details".

But if you are looking for a list of all the call date/times already displayed, then I agree the default phone app doesn't make it easy to see which calls came in on which date.


Recognized Contributor
Aug 31, 2013
I'm looking for a way to show each call's date and time. Is there an app for that? :)

EDIT - Verizon stock
I dont see the issue. If I go into my call history (of my stock dialler), click on a call which then expands to show a sub menu, which I can then click on "history", which has all the dates/times to that number.