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Call recorder APK for emui 10

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There is no app. The Auto-record calls available in*Phone > Settings > Auto-record calls.

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Sep 17, 2006
Its working on 10.1
During call should be left top icon RECORDING

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May 18, 2009
The version for EMUI 10.1 posted here works, thanks a lot.

I had to uninstall the previous version from the app library, otherwise I got the error "app not installed". After uninstalling recorder V9.something it installed fine and the recording functionality was back :) I have an EVR-L29


Feb 23, 2018
Is the EMUI 10 version of hwcallrecorder.apk still available? I only found Version from this thread. Or am I blind?

EDIT: Woops, turns out I'm blind. Found the huaweicentral link.
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    Anyone have the APK for emui 10?

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    If you come from 9.1 with call recorder already installed, then it automatically works on emui 10. As soon as you factory reset, you will not be able to install call recorder file.
    Hopefully someone with China ROM on emui 10 can repack the app and upload it as APK.

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    I am someone.
    So only Chinese models have call recording out of the box with Android 10?
    Remember, I'm referring about new Huawei devices that come shipped with EMUI 10.

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    Yes unless they didn't change or policy changed in android 10 if no longer better downgrade to emui 9 series if it's OK...
    Not just huawei all chinese brands vivo if u buy china xiaomi etc..

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    If i already have the recorder installed on emui 9.1 then update to emui 10 and make a backup after update will I be able to recover the app from the backup if i do a hard reset?
    call recorder is ''hard'' installed with the system .. which has nothing to do with backup unfortunately
    Hi Everyone!
    Does anyone have any updates on a fix for the Call Recorder apk on EVR-N29 or the versions with EMUI 10/Android 10?
    Whilst I love the overall experience with the EMUI 10, I would really like to be able to have call recording enabled as an inbuilt feature.

    Also, if this is not yet possible; Does anyone have an alternative app that they can recommend and use on their Mate 20X for call recording on the EMUI 10?

    Thanks and appreciate your assistance.


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