Call recorder for Galaxy S21 Exynos

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Feb 18, 2021
Hi, I'm not a very advanced android user. Could you send me a little more detailed instructions on how to achieve that call recording? Thanks :)


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Feb 18, 2021
It works great. Thank you!

Is there a list of samsung applications with descriptions? I feel like I have many more there now.


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Jan 5, 2013
Just found this video in YouTube and can't believe but it actually works:

It worked on my G991B, thanks

Only problem is that I don't have the visual voicemail anymore. Does someone have any idea if there is a way to re-enable it without losing call recording?


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Jan 1, 2005
Hi all,

Any ideas on call recording apps which work well on S21 Exynos? Tried Call Recorder from SKVALEX and I can only hear me; settings are Standard Recording API, Voice call uplink + downlink. If I do try to boost the volume from Volume control, my voice becomes distorted due to the boost, and only this way I can hear the person on the other end but at a very, very low volume.

I'm using it on G998B and it works well. Turn off wifi calling and it should work.


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Jan 19, 2010
Realme 7 Pro
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    go ebay and buy from thiere if u want i gave u xda thread , ask poeple from where got credit and pay ???
    they did and prove .+ i always read Russian forum and yes they did with samkey.
    u will believe in that chat , u dont believe in screen shot showing samkey page ???
    Yes, you are correct. I had Samkey credit. I just changed my CSC to INU to have call recording.
    No format, didn't tripping knox.
    Thanks Bro!
    Just found this video in YouTube and can't believe but it actually works:
    hi all ... i upgrade yesterday from s20 ultra to s21 ultra .
    on s20 ultra , native call record was availlable via dialling a code with google dialler app but it stoped after one ui 3.0.
    u know guys that native call record is the best and coming for selected csc only .
    the only way that i can have native call record is by flashing XID home csc after i download the full firmware .
    i went download mode + just put home csc for XID in the right place and flash , the phone boot with csc changed to XID and i have now native call record.
    my csc before was MID/MID/MID/XSG
    sure ota its now when come to xid csc .
    hope i help
    Please post the recording settings for Cube ACR....I am on a CSC which does not permit call recording from the phone's dialer settings and the S21 is an Exynos model, not Snapdragon.
    Samkey still dont support S21 Ultra
    if u translate on Russian forum , u will be sure that is support .
    or check samkey page

    or check here and ask plz